*I started December 28, 2010 at 283, a tight size 22 and was not doing one bit of exercise. Today December 18, 2010. It’s been almost one year since I started losing weight. I’m working with an online trainer until March 1st and it’s really helping. I’m a size 13 heading toward a 12 now. I’ll go ahead and leave my old goals on here, down below, but I think it’s time for some new ones for my 2nd year of working at good health. I completed many of my goals from last year, some were unreasonable, some I may still do. But it’s time to start fresh!

I pick odd goal weight-numbers that sound really good to me, for no reason whatsoever.

Wear a size 13 Success!

Wear a size 12. Success!!

Size 10 Reached!

Size 9

Size 8

I started running again. And this time, without a lot of extra baggage, it’s soooo much easier. So my first goal is to be ready to run my first 5k in 10 years: Cupid’s Chase in Albuquerque on February 11. Success!!! I finished 3rd in a field of 4 in my age group 🙂

Get down to 197 Wow..Success!

Get down to 195 Success!!

Get down to 193 Freakin’ Success!!

Get down to 189 Achieved!

Get to 185

Get to 183

Get to 180

Get to 179

Get to 178

Get to 175

Get to 169

Goal of around 165

One of my goals is to have a daily yoga practice for the rest of my life. So my goal for 2011 is to do yoga at least 3 times a week-sometimes taking a class, usually doing home practice.

Climb Sandia Mountain in the spring with my husband-here in Albuquerque! WOW! Achieved!

Buy a running skirt!!!!! My legs look great now. I want one! Success!!! I got a sweet black running skirt with under-shorts. Bought at REI for $19 marked down from $38. I love, love, love it!

Run an Ultra Trail run: 12K, 18K, 50K, whatever. Started training for this goal in May of 2011.


Goals from last year (2010) If I achieved them in 2011 I totally gave myself credit for it 🙂

Get into a size 18– SUCCESS!

Hike in the Grand Canyon in May ’10: 2 hours in 3 to get back up–Success, sort of. I was not feeling well when we went tot he Canyon so was only able to hike the rim. We’re going back in September and that’s when I’ll do full on hiking! (oops…we were turned down for our permit both in May and September. Going to have to do a substitute trip now!)

Run 3 miles (walk/run program)– Success!

Run 5 miles (walk/run program)– Success!

Run 7 miles (walk/run program) —not sure I want to pursue running anymore. Hmm. Thinking about it.

Do a 5k road race, for fun only NO TIME—success!

Do the 7k Sound to Narrows Race again in Tacoma (I’ve done it 2 or 3 times several years ago)

Do a half marathon…finish, no particular time

Do at least 12 additional, really interesting hikes this year in NM/WA/MI/CA or TX

1. Hiking on Mt. Si in WA state
2. Hiking on Mt. Peak in WA state
3. Hiked Tiger Mt. in WA state
4. Hiked Pt. Definance in WA state
5. Hiked Green Water in WA state
6. Hiked in San Gabriel Mts. in CA
7. Grand Canyon South Rim in AZ
8. Hiking La Luz trail on Sandia, NM

Limit diet soda: I think I’ll ALWAYS be working on this one.

Run a half mile without stopping–success!

Run a mile without stopping –SUCCESS!

Run 5k distance– SUCCESS!

Get into the 250’s–SUCCESS!

Get into the 220’s—I’m SO happy to say “Success!” on this one!

Get into a size 16–Success!

Get into a size 14–Success!

Get into a size 13–Success!

Get into a size 12—success!

Get to 205–Success! YAYYY!!!

Get to 199–Success!!

Get to 189

Get to 179

Move to Green on Nike+– SUCCESS!

Stop using chapstick stuff as I’m completely addicted to it!– SUCCESS! (it was SO hard to do this one!)

Hike Chaco Canyon in NM with husband and daughter, NM–Success!!

Weigh: 168 or less

Camping and hiking trip for at least 3 days in the Grand Canyon –scheduled for Sept. ’10—-We went! Jeff hiked across the whole canyon in one day. We, together, hiked the rim but were unable to get permits to hike down into the canyon and stay for days as we’d planned. We tried 2 separate times, but no go. I’m still considering this goal though.

Hike all 60 hikes with my daughter from the : “60 Hikes Around Albuquerque” book. (uh, I realize now that this will take a lifetime!)

Go to New York City for 2-3 week vacation with husband in May of 2011 for vacation/to celebrate my weight loss

Take a “crewing” class at Green Lake, Seattle

Run or walk the 6 miles loop around the lake at Stoney Creek Park in Michigan (I stopped being able to do this, years ago and really want to do it again.)— Success! It was like 900% humidity and it almost killed me but I did it. Also rented bikes and rode around the lake. OLD fashioned bike with no speeds. Again in horrible humidity. Again, almost KILLED ME!

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