The Post in Which I Whine

I wish I could think of something to say. Let’s see, it’s less cold this morning at 5 a.m. and it’s less rainy at the moment. It’s going to be in the mid 50’s for the next three days with constant rain. So there’s that.

I’m not sure if anyone in my family reads my blog but there’s that too, why don’t you just go ahead and read between the lines and slot that topic under “Highly Dysfunctional”.

My emotions are swinging in a wide circle, right behind “constant boredom”. Yeah. My brain died last night, I’m pretty sure.

I do love seeing my Mom, so that’s a pretty great thing. She’s a firecracker even in her 70’s. I have no idea what it would be like to have a typical American Mom. She’s the only person I know who can get as excited as I do about the possibility of doing something random like making “cheese” out of nuts or raising pygmy goats or de-horning cows or growing tomatoes in an old shoe, or any such strange topic. But seriously, there isn’t much to do here and a person can only spend so much time on a computer before they go mad. I went to the grocery store yesterday-the high point of the day. 10 minutes at the grocery store.

We’re leaving in the morning to go back to New Mexico so I’m going to keep working on my crappy, crappy attitude throughout the day. I remember the “good old days” when I could eat through my emotions. Well, mango and cabbage doesn’t really fix anything, so that’s not going to work anymore. There is nothing like the Seattle area in the summertime, but there’s also nothing like the Seattle area in the constant rain.

Moving on.

We got word that our cabin is on track to be delivered to our Deming property on Monday afternoon or Tuesday afternoon so we’re very excited about that!

Our son totaled our car in a rear-ending accident last week and we just got word that the insurance company is just going to turn over money for the car because it’s hopeless to fix it. The car was going to be paid off in about 6 months so that’s pretty not-good, I’ll tell you what.

Somehow we have to arrive at 9 pm in New Mexico and by Monday noon, have a new cheap car bought for the son before we leave for a week of work on our property. This cheap car will be his possible “exit gift” back to Washington state. He found out that he doesn’t just have 6 months left on his degree, he has about a year and a half. He’s been working on his BA for a year already, full-time. You tell me what that means.

He gets great grades, but someone has been picking some WRONG classes that don’t fit his degree. And he’s going to have to pay for his student loans. What a stupid waste. I don’t get how that all works, but I know he’s frustrated enough that he’s thinking of moving back to WA state where he wants to be anyway, and working for a year so he can get back out on his own two feet again before he goes back to night school to take one class at a time. Until that bloody degree is done.

See, that’s the thing about taking your grown children back into your house. You just shouldn’t do it.

Oh, and I didn’t tell you all, he does have tumors on his parathyroids. That was determined. He has to have surgery to remove them but his doctors say that they’re pretty sure the tumors are not malignant. They want to track his blood work for about 2-3 months and then go in and take them out. So that drama is moving into the distance.

It’s time. We’re looking at the possibility of either selling the house at a major loss in December or renting it out around that time and kicking both of the OLD KIDS out of the house. We’re thinking we’ll move out to Deming and live like pioneers for a couple of years while we put money away for our house. We’re working on a master plan.

The really good news is that lately, Jeff is growing tired of the travel and that’s a hopeful thing. NO ONE I know lives this kind of a freaky life. After awhile it loses its charm and becomes a matter of putting band-aides over every problem that comes up.

It’s been something like 13-14 years we’ve been doing this. At the very least, we’re thinking it’s time to step forward and get moving on getting ride of the kids, the house and getting out to Deming so we can travel out of the El Paso airport and have PEACE when we’re home because we’re living on our OWN.

Nothing says “retire” like having your kid crash your car and then find out he’s possibly never, ever going to be done with school.


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I love healthy living! I've been married for 35 years and have 2 grown children, one in Albuquerque, NM and one in Washington state. We are currently living in Washington for my husband's job---until he FINALLY retires, but our house is in Albuquerque.
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2 Responses to The Post in Which I Whine

  1. Jennifer says:

    Ugh! That’s a lot to absorb, for sure. I’ll be thinking of you! The good news? You have not lost your witty sense of humor. 🙂

  2. Molly says:

    My dear, you seem not like yourself. Which is understandable considering all the things that you talked about. I’ll be praying for you. That all being said, this post was a little bit refreshing. I’m not at all happy that you are going through all of this, but I can relate to the range of emotions and especially the BOREDOM. Oh and the emotional eating? Um, yeah. I’ve gained 20lbs. since Christmas due to the emotional eating. It’s my stress buster, and it needs to stop. I’ve been trying to work on just letting myself feel the emotions because they are there for a reason instead of trying to numb them. Easier said than done, right?

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