Running Group Not Clicking Along

It’s been a long couple of days. I’ve been so busy and productive. Sorry I ditched you, sweet old blog! I’m having fun cleaning and getting rid of tons of junk with the fantasy in mind that we can sell or rent out this behemoth of a house by the springtime so we can move out to our Deming Property.

I’ve been extremely happy with the raw food diet and strive for 100% but probably only hit that 98% of the time. That was a weird statement, but that’s kind of what I love about the diet. The goal is to eat all of your food raw so that your body can claim all of those wonderful enzymes that are destroyed by cooking. But sometimes you eat things that aren’t all enzyme-y and raw and guess what? No food police come for you. If you eat a hamburger, no one will point fingers and judge you. The goal is to eat as much raw, healthy food as you can. 100% most of the time is the ideal and that’s what I’d like to strive for but anything over 80% is wonderful.

I really struggled with that as a Vegan. Feeling guilt over everything. Essentially I’m eating raw/vegan right now but in MY opinion, it just feels so much better emotionally. That’s my opinion and yours may be different. That’s alright too.

My food dehydrator was delivered yesterday and I am SO INTO IT! See, if you choose to preserve some of your raw food, the enzymes are still intact and you get all the good vitamins and minerals all too, but you get to have something that isn’t totally fresh and juicy for once so it’s a real pleasure for the senses. I love that I can make my own dried fruit without sugars or sulfides.

Right now I’m dehydrating banana chips dipped in a honey/water mixture, strawberry slices and nut/veggie burgers!!

The veggie burgers are about 1000% better than any vegan burger I’ve ever had. You soak a variety of nuts overnight (raw nuts) so that the nuts can feel all free and happy to release their nutritional goodness. Throw the nuts in the food processor then process a whole onion, garlic, celery, flax seed and tomatoes with lots of spices and it’s to die for! I keep sneaking pieces as it dries into nice, “normal” looking burger patties. I cannot wait to wrap those puppies in lettuce and top with tomatoes and avocado slices.

The cereal I’ve been eating lately is basically: soak several different nuts overnight (I used raw cashews, pecans, almonds and walnuts) and then in the morning, throw them in the food processor with a handful of raisins for a minute or less to grind them up. I top my cereal with homemade almond milk, honey and a whole banana sliced up. Tons of protein and oh how good it is! It’s like “Grape Nuts” only it’s real nuts. One batch makes enough for about 4 days and it’s so easy to make.

I’ve been having salads with a ridiculous amount of good veggies in them including a whole avocado and lots of raw nuts and topping it with oil and vinegar and nuts. So good! So filling! It’s like I’ve hit a whole new level of salad making. Oh, and by the way, I’m consistently hitting 58 to 78% protein intake so I’m doing great with the protein. I believe this diet is just perfect for me, for my beliefs about nutrition and for the FUN of how it opens you to explore new foods.

I’ve lost the couple of pounds I gained on vacation without even working at it. I’m curious as to what’s going to happen over the next 30 days and am starting to think that it may be almost effortless to drop another 10 pounds.

I went running with my running partner, Jamie today. I’ve probably said it before, but Jamie is a college instructor and also a writer so you can imagine how much we have to talk about. I simple love running with her. We ran 4 miles today and it was great! I was so pooped by mile 3, but I’m getting better at running a lot more before I walk. The last part of the run-the last mile at least, I’m really gutting it out and pushing to run 5 minutes or so before I walk. That part sucks. I stopped using the run/walk timer and now am just walking when I really feel the need to. The thing is though, after 3 miles, I feel the NEED every two minutes. So I’m struggling to get past that.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to cancel my Meetup Group. It’s not working out, sad to say. I met Jamie through it and maybe that’s what I was meant to get out of it. There are 28 members and only 4 have ever shown up and 1 never came back after the first run.

Beginning running groups are only great if there are people who want to RUN, not just sign up. I forgot about that whole part of the equation. So now I’m thinking I’ll wait a few weeks and then just yank the group and send out a broadcast email that if anyone else wants to run they can email me. That’s the thing that I didn’t get-you can’t encourage or push someone to do something, THEY have to want to run. I think that’s why there aren’t more “Beginner Running Groups” on Meetup. Because people would rather sleep in.

So…I’ve at least found me another runner friend that I really click with. If that’s all I get out of it that’s fine. I think I’ll work hard at the running this summer and then look into joining a “real” running group this fall. Perhaps that will push my speed and improve my running overall. I think that in reality, running with total beginners, when they do come, has hurt my running. So I guess I need to make a few changes and I’m happy to do that.


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