For the Next 30 Days

About ten or more years ago I read several of Rhonda Britten’s books. They were THE thing that got me on the path to change my life and my very damaging relationships across the board. Rhonda’s books made me see the possibility of improvement in every area-for the first time ever.

Recently I bought again, “Change Your Life in 30 Days” and “Fearless Living”.

I pulled out my journal yesterday and started doing all of the exercises for Day One. My hand aches from all of the writing I did. This book flat out WORKS. I’m so excited to move back into her program, only this time around I’m coming from an entirely different place. I LIKE myself. I’m proud of myself. I have NO damaging relationships in my life anymore. I’m content with my work and my friends and in general, my life.

For the next 30 days, what I’m focusing on is moving forward like a runaway train to gather information on selling our house and on all of the thousands of things we need to learn/do to our property in Deming so we can move out there permanently and finally, FINALLY be empty nesters.

I’m also jumping into a 30 day running streak. Check it out here at the Running Streak Organization (There IS such a thing!)

I normally run 4 days a week anyway, the other three days I’m going to run one mile-the minimum for the streak requirements. I’m not going MAD with the running. I just want to see how it is to run every day. To make it solidly a part of my life, with no runs being really very long. I have no ambitions at the moment to move into long distances. I just want to see how it works, how it feels, to run every day.

One mile will take me about 11:30 or so. Hardly a sacrifice of time or hardship on my body. In fact, it may be exactly what works for ME.

Yesterday I ran 2 miles, today 1, tomorrow 4 with a friend, Thursday 3 with my Meetup group, Friday 1 on my own, Saturday 3 with the Meetup group and Sunday, 1 or 2 after church along the Rio Grande. See how it works? Not a lot of mileage, but your brain just gets that there is no wiggle room, you’re going to work out.

The whole “rest day” thing? Important, I KNOW. But less than 12 minutes of working out is not going to kill me. So I’m going to experiment with the streak thing this month. After the month is over, I’ll see what I think about continuing it.

There are many people who have run every day of their lives for 20-40 years. That’s awe inspiring. I’ve always said that my dream would be able to run 1 mile a day, every single day of my life, into my late 90’s. To me, this is an exciting way to work toward that. Minimum mileage at a slow pace-easy on the body and joints. Keeps my lungs working.

The third thing I’m going to work at over this next 30 days is getting into the 180’s. I’m thinking of 188 as a good goal, but lower would be better.

This I know: Being “off” from weighing and thinking about calories all last week while working on the farm gave me a HUGE brain rest. I find that this week I’m willing to commit to finally getting the last 8 pounds off. I just want to get those buggers gone and then take the rest of 2011 off and maintain.

That’s actually the beauty of taking a break from the weight loss. When you come back to it you don’t feel like you’re dragging your feet and your feet are encased in cement blocks.

This I know: I just want to get into the 180’s and stop thinking about the loss. It’s boring. There are so many other things I’m wanting to do now and living in a diet mentality is not one of them. I eat the way I should eat with little variation. I’m VERY happy with that. I find that if I go over calories by 500 one day, the next day or two I’m just not very hungry and I move automatically into veggies and fruits and proteins. It all balances out so easily now.

I’d just like to be at that point where I’m not thinking about it anymore. I’m sort of there, you know? But I have more work to do so I need to NOT be there. I need to think about it and I don’t want to anymore. So it’s time to get it done. I’m ready to maintain now. I’m ready to be there.

So over the next 30 days I’m going to see how close I can get to my goal of 183. We’ll see how it goes. I’m willing to work at it.


About Fit Living Daily

I love healthy living! I've been married for 35 years and have 2 grown children, one in Albuquerque, NM and one in Washington state. We are currently living in Washington for my husband's job---until he FINALLY retires, but our house is in Albuquerque.
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One Response to For the Next 30 Days

  1. What a wonderful post…so full of hope and excitement! You have me thinking about the Running Streak…hmmm. 🙂

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