Great Run This Morning!

Dang, that was a sweet run! I met my running partner, Jamie, down at the Bosque about 10-15 minutes from my house this morning for a 4 mile run. It totally rocked! Honestly, this morning, I was all….blech. Don’t wanna go! But you know, what “they” say is true, when you have an exercise partner and you know they’re going out there to walk or run, you’d better get your butt out of bed and go too. And honestly, it’s so worth it.

I’m bumping up my effort now. I had rolled all the way back to run 5/walk 1 for quite a few weeks now and it’s just not where I want to be. I moved it up to run 6/walk 1 today and over the 5 weeks that I’m away from home, I’m going to bump it up a minute a week until I’m at that 10 minute mark again. I KNOW I can go out and run a mile straight right now, but my heart has a hard time getting that that’s true. I need to work on my confidence levels and suck it up and do it. Cause I CAN do it. Oye. I can be so difficult to deal with.

I honestly could not believe it when this morning, we got to our 2 mile turn around point and I was all, really? Wow! On Sunday, I ran the same course and it felt like my brains were going to leak out of my ears, I was SO not in a running place in my head. I just wanted to it end.

Actually, when you think of it, it’s pretty darned clever, having a running partner along.You just chat and don’t hardly realize what you’re doing. And then when it gets tough and you want to QUIT, you think, well, I don’t want to be the one to wuss out. And then a few seconds later, you’re talking again and you forget that you wanted to die just a moment ago.

And that stuff about running at a slow enough pace so you can keep up a conversation? That stuff works! “THEY” sure are smart, whoever they are. I always wondered who in the world could talk while they ran, and why in the world would you want to? Now I get it.

We were laughing this morning about how much FUN it is to run with a group of people who are all crazy obsessed about running shoes and finding the right energy GU and where you can get running gear on sale right now. And it’s ALL so fascinating. Talking about running and running gear and where to get it, with other running nuts, is like crack, only you send your friends out to REI, not the shady streets

Oh! You might like to know that after some heart-stopping scares of probable cancer yesterday, all the Doctors conferred and now they’re almost completely sure that the son has Hyperthyroidism, brought on by radiation treatments a decade ago. No cancer, just a possibly huge thyroid, which will have to be surgically removed-possibly. But then it’s all done. All done!

He has a final appointment on Monday and his sister is taking him in for that and for a scan and then plans will be made. We’ll only be four hours away on our property, so we’ll come home if they decide to do surgery right away. If they wait a few days, that means I get to stay home for a little bit!!! I am ALL ABOUT getting to stay home.

Sure, it’ll screw up our 4 weeks of travel, but if son has surgery, husband will work from home that week and we’ll have to change our flights. And that brings me to my last point, wherein I’m going to get creatively brilliant.

There’s a “Run for the Zoo” 5K and 10K on May 1. I really, really, really want to run the 10K. Jamie’s doing it too and we can run together. BUT we aren’t scheduled to come home until the 7th, I was so freakin’ sorry to find out today.

However, if we have to change our flights anyway…it’s not MY fault and we already have to pay the change fee, so I’m going to see if I can come home early and run that race. That’s my new master plan.

It sure is a good thing we’re flexible people,because our lives are like a piece of taffy on a hot summer day-you never know which way it’s going to bend. And now, excuse me while I slap my brain around so it stops thinking about taffy.


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I love healthy living! I've been married for 35 years and have 2 grown children, one in Albuquerque, NM and one in Washington state. We are currently living in Washington for my husband's job---until he FINALLY retires, but our house is in Albuquerque.
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2 Responses to Great Run This Morning!

  1. Gabi says:

    Hi Katie,

    Those are really lovely pictures you took on your run with Jamie – you’re lucky to have such beautiful scenery to run in! I can’t wait for the summer here!

    Glad to hear that your son is fine and that there’s no Cancer – I’m sure it’s a relief for all of you. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that things work out for you and Jamie to do the 10k coming up soon – I’m sure you’ll both rock it!

    Great post!
    Gabi 🙂

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