Found an Old Homestead

I’m starting to really get a handle on the exercise thing. Honestly, I’m pretty surprised that I’ve had a lot more trouble with getting the “movement” part right, than I’ve had with the eating part.

I have decided to go ahead and train for a 10k because it’s really not much more running than I’m doing now, so why not? I’ve found a great training plan in Hal Higdon’s Novice 10K program.

What I love about it:

There are only 3 days a week of running and on one of the days you never go more than two miles plus do some strength training of your choice.

On another day you never go out for more than 2.5 to 3 miles, which is less than I do now. So, no pressure there either.

One the last day, the long run day, you start out at 3 miles and advance to 5.5 miles and that’s it! I’m already running about 4 miles or so, 5 miles I did twice, but that was with the run/walk method. I still love the run/walk thing, but I’d like to get up to running 10 minutes/walking 1 as my ultimate goal.

I also like it that the plan calls for 2 cross training days of my choice, 30-60 minutes in duration. Which means, two days a week I can take a nice bike ride. I love that too.

Friday and Monday’s are pretty much rest days, though I think they want me to do strength training on Monday and I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen, but I am thinking about it.

Yesterday was my rest day and for FUN, I went out for a very easy, very slow, meandering hike through the desert and I found a wonderful abandoned farm! The house was gone, but the corrals were all there, horse tanks and cow tanks too. Happy sigh. It was just plain GREAT to find that farm. I took off down their old miles-long dirt driveway and looked around until I found my way back to the main dirt road. It was 2 hours of pure-D bliss. I think that’s the best kind of rest day-set aside a few hours, pack a lunch and lots of water and just go out and stroll in different areas and take pictures and look at fun things.

I was talking to my great running partner, Jamie, and she told me that if a runner wants to get better, they have to pay the price, it’s not going to just happen on its own. That made me really think. I’m running less and walking less now, so I’m working now on making my runs count for a lot more. I’m actually WORKING at it now. But I’m so much less tired! An awful lot of low-grade quality exercise just wears you out and takes hours each day. I’m finding there’s more to life than exercise and counting calories!

It’s Tuesday morning and Jeff comes home on Wednesday at almost midnight. (Ugh.) On Thursday, if everything goes according to plan, we’ll finish the last of our shopping and load up the truck for our week long vacation.

Things are “iffy” right now. We’re waiting for a call from our son’s Oncologist. Something’s up. Something not good. We’re just waiting to see how not good it is. I’m thinking thyroid cancer-all the signs are there.

The Doctor has called us back for an appointment on Wednesday, following an appointment on Monday where blood was drawn. After Monday’s appointment, we got a call telling us to go back to the lab for more blood work just hours after we got home. Then a follow up appointment was made, not telling us why.

The Doctor had said he’d only want to see us if there were signs that would point to cancer. Soo…now we wait. At least I put a call in asking WHY they want to see us on Wednesday. That at least we’d like a HINT. I don’t think that’s asking too much.

But we’ll see. It’s in God’s hands I suppose. Well, obviously it is. I’m going to try not to worry and just keep moving through the week. I should be used to this, but I don’t think that will ever happen.

If we do get to leave on our vacation, I’ll be taking a whole week + off from blogging. We can get a signal on our cells, but I won’t be bringing my computer. Because hello, no electricity. (Though I did buy this cool gadget that you plug into your lighter-then you plug your appliance into the little regular slots. You know, like in your wall at home. I don’t know the terms. Doh!)

I’m going to try and get my phone set up so I can at least post a picture a day of our work and play on the property. I used to have it set up but I’m not sure if in all the “buying of new phones and replacing broken new phone” that it’s still all good to go.


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2 Responses to Found an Old Homestead

  1. Lisa says:

    What a COOL thing to find! It reminds me of old photos of my grandma’s homestead in Bend back in the 1920’s. She has tons of photos that look like yours. Not much is left on the old homestead though…

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