Biking through sand that’s 90,000″ deep

So I decided to take my bike ride out in the desert today instead of waiting until Friday. It was SUCH a good idea-until I did it.

So, the desert? It has sand. Like a gazillion pounds of thick sand. Of course I knew that. But when I run or walk through it it’s just slightly annoying. I barely notice it.

Biking on the dirt/sand roads was SO GREAT-when the bike would move. I must have pushed that sucker at least 2 miles out of the almost 5 miles I rode. It. Was. Hard. I almost wanted to abandon it to the coyotes at one point.

You’d think that would be a lesson learned, wouldn’t you? But now I want a Mountain Bike! If I got one, it seems that trails would be much easier. Plus, I can get sand tires. What? I’m sure there’s such a thing as sand tires. So yes, it was pretty horrible when it was bad (That bike is heavy!) but when it was good, it was oh so sweet. So now I want a mountain bike. And I want Jeff to get one too. And then I want us to bike amazing places like Moab, like we’re 20 years old.

Now don’t tell me I’m crazy. That’s a totally great plan. You know you want to do it too.

My Meetup run tonight was…it kicked my butt again. This great guy I mentioned last week? He’s turning out to love running. He just signed up for his first 5K! I’m such a proud mama. He’s very excited and he’s VERY fast and I couldn’t keep up with him even if wolves bears were chasing me. I’m uber tired now. I want to pour myself into bed and it’s only 6:30. I was feeling pretty horrible this weekend though, so I think I’m just not quite back on my game yet.

One thing I’m starting to get though. The brand new runners? The ones that I would run 1 minute/walk 1 minute with? They sign up all the time but they never show up. The ones who show up are the runners who want to RUN. I really like them, but also-I feel really old after a run. I’m going to have to address that. No, I’m not quite sure how I’m going to do that but I think I need to get more in gear when I’m running. I want to be a stronger runner. Are you noticing the pattern of “I want it all”? I’m sorry but it’s true, I do.


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3 Responses to Biking through sand that’s 90,000″ deep

  1. I can’t even begin to imagine riding a bike in sand! But now you have me wanting a mountain bike of my own! And I really do live in the mountains ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Oh, you should check out that #100daychipquest on Twitter. I still have really no idea what to do with Twitter but I’ve met all kinds of great people because of the #7daychip and #100daychipquest. What I don’t understand is how they are always on there chatting! I can’t keep up at all! Haha!

  2. Sarah says:

    I think a sand ride would be pretty neat… Do you think it’s anything like riding in snow around here (WI)? Anyway, great job; looking forward to future sandbox photos!


    • Sarah, Thanks for commenting because your comment led me to your blog. We have MUCH in common. I’m going to link to your blog so I can become a reader. Very nice to meet you ๐Ÿ™‚

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