Making Odd Peanut Butter Treats Today

I was sooooo not wanting to run this morning. Not. Wanting. To. Run. But my Meetup group was this morning. Sigh.

I was seriously tired. Beat up tired. But then Jamie showed up and she’s my favorite runner. We had a GREAT 3 mile run doing a run5/walk1 and we talked pretty much the whole way and I was sorry when it was over. I went from being dog-tired to finishing up the best run I’ve had all week long.

However. I am resting my butt now. I’m trying to learn the value of rest and moderation in my life. Those are 2 words that don’t compute and I’m not sure why. I’ve never known why. But I’m going to have to stop being such a child about that. The rest of the day I just enjoyed the day and relaxed. OK, I cleaned and cooked and watched my grown kids play video games. And I grocery shopped.

I went to the Sunflower Natural Foods market here in Abq so I could spend $65,000 on raw almonds and raw cashews. Because, you know, at health food stores things are so “SPECIAL” that they can charge you your first born child for them. I just bought the specialty things I’ve needed. I got almond flour, which is the only kind I can eat now. So basically, it’s almonds, ground up. And it’s $11 for 2 cups!!!

When I got home, I made these most bizarre “treats”. They’re a “Specific Carb Diet” recipe I found on Youtube:

The ingredients are so strange, I know, but I can have them all so they’re like gold to me. 2 c. Pork rinds, plain ones, crushed up, 4 T. all natural Peanut Butter with no sugar or anything else added, 2 T. pure honey and 2 T. melted butter. That’s it. Mold them into an ice scream scoop and slam them onto a plate and freeze for 15 minutes. They taste good. I mean we aren’t taking decadent here, but they’re a sweet treat if I want something.

I bought the almond flour because I found out I can use it to make a bread/muffin. Which, really, it’s not bread-it’s nuts. So it’s not a simple carb, which is interesting to me. I don’t know if it’ll taste like crap yet, because I need something else called dry curd cottage cheese or Farmers cheese, which is only sold at some Trader Joe’s and maybe on the moon. So I think I’d better start hunting for different cheese-less bread recipes. I’m anxious to try it. I think it could be nice to have a “bread” with soup.

I’m highly conscious that in having only 14 more pounds to lose, that I’m going to having to maintain soon, and that troubles me. I know I basically did it all summer long when I wasn’t losing, so I know I can do it. I think I can do it. But It seems scary. Big scary.

So today I decided I’m going to start the process now of practicing intuitive eating as opposed to “how many calories can I have today? For this meal? For that snack?” I’m practicing not worrying if I go under my calories on one day by several hundred because I’m simply not hungry, or about going over by several hundred if I eat more on a given day. So I’m working on that. I have no road map. None. I’m journaling a lot and I think that will help.

I’ll be in the 180’s in a few pounds and at that point, I think I’ll breath a sigh of relief because I’ll only be a tad away from my goal of 178. Honestly, lots of people think I should keep going and lose another 10-20. I think 178 is a good number. It’s the weight I was when I got married, and that was a fine size for me. It’s CLOSE to 180 which would be my freak out point if I edged up over that.

I wonder how people decide how low to go? I’m not 20. I’m not needing to attact a mate. All I have to do is the breath in and out to attract the mate I have. I’d be healthy. I THINK my waist will be at 35″or thereabouts, and I know that’s important for heart health.

Part of me wants to be a rebel too, I guess. I want to be healthy and slender and a little “in your face” about the fact that you don’t have to be skinny to feel good and look good. I guess we’ll see. I HATE this part of life. The “WAIT AND SEE” part. That has never, ever worked for me. Sigh.


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I love healthy living! I've been married for 35 years and have 2 grown children, one in Albuquerque, NM and one in Washington state. We are currently living in Washington for my husband's job---until he FINALLY retires, but our house is in Albuquerque.
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One Response to Making Odd Peanut Butter Treats Today

  1. You are doing so well with your running and your weight loss. How amazing that you are nearly at your goal.

    As for how people pick their goal weights, i believe you should pick something that is realistic and comfortable to you. My goal weight will still see me in the overweight category, but it will be fine for me and that is all that matters.

    Looking forward to seeing you hit 178. 🙂

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