Size 12, we have landed!

This is the size I was when we got married, 30 years ago. I’m at the upper edge of a size 12. When I reach my goal in 14 more pounds, things will all be just right.

I went shopping yesterday, and peeps, I wear a size 12 now! I bought shorts and running pants/yoga pants and running shirts and yoga shirts. Boy, I’m a happy gal. There’s something so jazzy about having a nice pile of running clothes in a size medium. Makes me want to go running every day just so I can wear the cool clothes. Yes, I’m that shallow. Seriously, are you surprised?

All along, my secret plan has been to get fit so I can wear yoga and running wear around the house 24-7. I used to do that in my 40’s and it was oh so nice. Pretty clothes and so comfortable. I’m not into going out in my workout wear, but for around the house they’re uber comfy.

Size 12 shorts, both of them. Waa hoo I haven’t worn shorts in a decade.

So much fun! I tried on dresses too. Here are some bad ones for your amusement:

This one was a least a size too small. My boobs still look huge. What’s up with that?

And this one just looks a little ridiculous.

I was in JC Penny’s, looking through dresses that were hanging on a rack on the wall and the whole entire thing came down in my hands. Dresses scattered all over the floor. I turned tail and left instantly. But I’m a good citizen so I went to the cashier and told her. I really wanted to try on a certain dress that was in the bottom of the pile, but my pride wouldn’t let me get down in a pile of $100 dresses and dig. And $100 for a sundress? That’s nuts.

My running skirt and new spring green wicking running top!

I had a HARD but good run with the one person who showed up for the Meetup group. He’s a great guy. He usually comes with his wife, but she couldn’t make it. He’s a pretty fast runner who just hasn’t been exposed much to running. I’m excited to see what he’ll do. He has the makings of a really fast runner. We set my new handy dandy iphone app timer for Run 5/Walk 1. I was really pushing it, keeping my time in the 11:00 zone which is tough for me. I suspect he could rocket out into 8 minute miles at a moments notice. Still, we both got in a good hard run for that 3 miles.

One of the things I’m enjoying about the running group is how different everyone is. It’s interesting to see how we’re all are on our own journey, wanting to become runners or better runners. Several people who joined want to lose weight. It’s just wonderful to be out there with real people who are just now working out how they want to be, what they want to achieve. Every week, it’s refreshing and invigorating, even if some of them totally and completely kick my butt.

Today on my long run, I was running like a zombie. I was running at a ridiculously slow pace because I was still pooped from last nights run. And I’m 51. I’m going to use that excuse for a long time. And then I’m going to change it to, “Because I’m 52”.

Today I ran 5 miles at a run 5/walk 1 pace. That’s FIVE MILES, in case you didn’t see that part. Then I walked another 3 miles to get back home.

I like this person I’ve become. I think I have a pretty fabulous life.

So here’s the thing. Back when I was 40 and running, I really wanted to run ultras: 50 miles and 100 miles. I know. It’s insane. But it’s trail running, which is easy on the joints, and the one thing I do have going for me is that I’m strong on endurance.

To be completely honest, there’s no way in this whole world I could run 50 miles. Probably. Maybe. But trail runners, when they train, try for about a 15 minute mile which includes running and walking-almost always WALKING up any hills. Because, HELLO, it’s 100 freakin’ miles they’re going to have to cover. Save the energy and all.

That’s one reason that I don’t care about my time. Because I know that the strongest, most bull-headed runners there are, don’t push for much more than 15 minute miles on long distances. Well, I’m sure the winners do.

Lately I’ve been thinking….maybe I’ll just keep this up and then start entering some trail races. Maybe I could run a half marathon by this method. I mean it’s MY body and I get to make the rules about how I want to do a race. So, my mind is reaching into the possibilities.

I’m not exactly sure what’s wrong with me, no one is, but in any given situation, the only option that intrigues me is the hardest choice. But the thing is, I usually rock that choice, because I’m so driven. So, I won’t say “never” on trail racing and “Ultras”.

I’m so tired after a looong run. But I feel so good and so happy. I wish I could take a drug that would give me energy so I could go back out again and repeat the run. Well, I’m sure I COULD take a drug of some sort, but I’m also sure it would be the kind of drug that could land me in jail. And then how could I run?


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I love healthy living! I've been married for 35 years and have 2 grown children, one in Albuquerque, NM and one in Washington state. We are currently living in Washington for my husband's job---until he FINALLY retires, but our house is in Albuquerque.
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6 Responses to Size 12, we have landed!

  1. Happy Friday! Congrats on the size 12! I love the running skirt! The shorts are cute too! I don’t care for those dresses either, but I don’t think the top one is too small- there’s just something “wrong” with it 😉 And the 2nd one is definitely too big on you.

    I’m envious about how you are doing that “meetup” thing. I really want to join the local running group around here but I’m just too socially awkward still 😦 Even when my friend came over the other night to run with me, it just felt “off” if that makes any sense? I don’t know. Maybe I just prefer running by myself. It’s my escape, my -me- time, I don’t know… something :/

    Anyways, hope you have a great weekend! I’m working at Weight Watchers in the morning, and then I’m off until Monday. Hoping to get a 10-mile run in on Sunday 🙂

    • Laura, I totally get what you mean. My running time is my time away from other people. But running with someone two days a week…is different and it makes me feel more well-rounded if that makes sense. The odd thing about it is that it’s true that you and a running partner end up talking about this you might not dream of talking about in your day to day life, simply because you aren’t LOOKING at each other. It’s odd, no? But you’re working, and your mind is loosened up and you feel like you can just say what you are thinking. I always wondered how that could be. Now I get it. I thought it would be horrible getting together with people. I’m super friendly but am an introvert-which people never believe, but it’s true. Running with someone and chatting allows me to maintain my “alone” time in a way-even with someone right beside me. It doesn’t feel invasive.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Looking good Katie! I like the skirt too. It’s cute!

  3. megan says:

    You look great! Congrats on reaching your size 12 goal. I love the running skirt – can you share what brand it is/where you bought it?

    I am just starting week 5 of C25K, which is usually where I get derailed. It’s hard for me to run so many minutes in a row, and then walk 3 min and start up again. I am determined to push thru this time. After that, I need to look for the app you are talking about (run 5 walk 1). I have a feeling something like that would be useful to me.

    Again, congrats and I really enjoy reading your blog, even if I don’t always leave comments.

  4. Thanks,Megan! Sure, it’s the REI skirt. I saw it in Seattle at the flagship REI store (beautiful store). It was $49 and I was a size 16 so I passed. I found the same skirt in Albuquerque on sale for $19. So, ha ha, REI!

    I KNOW you can push through week 5. Try “reframing” it this time. Think to yourself that this is the FUNNIEST week of the C25K program. I tell myself that hills are “my friends” or that I have a giant rubber band around my waist and the hill is pulling me up. Week 5 is the week that will make you STRONG!

    When you’re ready, the app I use for timing intervals is called the “Running Interval Timer”. You can get it for free but the free one just has the option of run 1/walk 1. I think it’s 99 cents or $1.99 for the upgrade. That one is awesome! It’s totally basic. You can set it for r1/w1 all the way up to r10/w1. 1 minute is the walk, no 30 seconds,which would be great. What I love about it is I hit “start” and hit the lock button and it just goes on and off till I’m done running. The negative is that if you open another program, say to answer a call or take a picture, the timer stalls and sits there. Lock it and stick it in your pocket and it’s good to go.

    I always start Runkeeper first, to map my run and log my total time and miles, then I start the Timer and lock my phone. I go back and forth to check out how many miles I’m at and I take pics and answer calls, etc. I just always make sure to go back to the Timer and make sure it’s on or I’ll run my butt into the ground not realizing the timer has halted.

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