How do you start a running group?

I get to go home tomorrow! It’s in the upper 50’s in Albuquerque right now. Last night, here in Michigan, it snowed another 2″. Sheesh, I’m tired of snow. We’ll arrive home early on Friday afternoon. The first thing I’m going to do is go out for a run in the desert.

Alright, here it is: I’m seriously thinking of starting a running group at home for new runners and slow runners. But I’m not sure exactly how to do it. If you have any tips, please do share.

I’ve often wanted to join a running group but all those running groups NEVER list my pace, which is just about always in the upper 13 minute range. (Even training books never seem to list paces above the 12 minute range.) Yes, I’d like to go faster, but I’ve never seemed to have it in me to really WANT it. Also, don’t see the need. I can run a bit faster in races, but I don’t enjoy it as much. I’m like a machine in that I can go a looong way, I just can’t do it fast.

So, honestly, that ticks me off that slow runners don’t have a bunch of choices if they want to run with someone.

I’m thinking of starting a trail running group in Albuquerque for people who want to do the run thing, broken up with walking, or who just want to run slow.

Is there such a thing? I know about the Penguin runners and the Clydesdale runners, but I’m not so sure I want to affiliate with a particular group-and I also don’t know how to do that. I’ve done some searching but haven’t found out a lot. I guess I need to check around some more.

I’ve considered starting a Meet-up group but don’t really want to pay the monthly fees to keep the page open-but I may if I can’t figure out anything else. I belong to Duke City Fix, a website for people who live in Albuquerque so I’m going to at least set up a group online there. Any other ideas?

Lately I’m feeling drawn to encouraging others to lose weight and pick up running and walking. At the heart of my middle-child-ness, I’m an encourager. It seems really lame and boring to just lose weight, workout for myself and….what? Then what? I’d like other people to know there’s hope out there. That you can start somewhere small and grow a great, beautiful life, by being healthy.

I’m just not sure how to do that. So if you have links to share, please post them in the comment box. If you have ideas, that would be awesome.

*Update: OK, I did it! I went ahead and set up a Meet Up group for Slow trail runners in Albuquerque. I’m not sure what will come of it, but I’m putting myself out there. I think it’s a great way to keep my fitness moving forward over the next 6 months.


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I love healthy living! I've been married for 35 years and have 2 grown children, one in Albuquerque, NM and one in Washington state. We are currently living in Washington for my husband's job---until he FINALLY retires, but our house is in Albuquerque.
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One Response to How do you start a running group?

  1. Jennifer says:

    I hope you get some people to join your group! I’m a slow runner and if I lived in Albuquerque, I’d hang with ya!

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