Now Coming to You From Michigan

We arrived last night after a really looooong fly day. It’s been about 3 months since I’ve flown. It was so incredibly good to be home for such a long time, but I do love to travel and have missed our friends here in Michigan. It’s good to be back. We’ll be here for 12 days, then back home to Albuquerque for a week, then to Seattle for about 2 weeks. We’re approaching a season of travel, peeps. You never know where I’ll be for the next several months. Pictures to follow!

Guess what? The race I ran on Saturday? There was such a mix up. When I went in to pick up my shirt, they didn’t even have me on the list and had to write me in. Apparently, when I crossed the finish line, they also didn’t note me down. Sigh. I freaked out for a few minutes. I mean, come on, it was my first race and it was BIG!

Finally I found myself listed down under the men as “unkown” which really griped my cookies. I contacted the director and she contacted the organization in charge and they agreed to add my info in. I’m so thankful they agreed to. I know it’s not all that important, but you know…it is.

So, according to the race results, there were 4 women in my age group and I finished THIRD!!! I know, it’s laughable with a time of 40:40 for a 5k, but hey, it’s third and I want a medal, a big shiny one!

When we landed last night, after a whole day of just snacking on good food we’d brought with us…but not enough food. We were starving. STARVING. On Saturday I did the race and on Sunday, Jeff and I went to church and then we did a really strenuous mountain climb for over two hours. I fell into bed at 5pm that night and have been ravenous since the weekend. (I’ll write a post on that later. I got some great pictures.)

At 3 pm we went to dinner. I wanted to share this because it worked for me and maybe it’ll work for you. I got a burger with cheese and took the thick top bun off. I put on lots of pickles, tomatoes and lettuce and asked for no mayo. I just used catsup. As a side, we could get fries, coleslaw, etc.

Fries is always the given, right? You have a burger and fries. But I was so hungry that if I saw a fry, I’d eat all the fries. I was just not going to have anything on the side but thought I’d study the menu to check out all the sides dishes and see if there was anything even a tiny bit healthy. Woo hoo! I got about 2 cups of fresh, steamed broccoli!! And I chose grilled onions instead of those delicious fried, crusted straw onions. So my burger was still a lot of calories, but I cut the calories down by just doing a few creative things. And I came in a few calories under my allowed count for the day. So, yay!

It’s actually very nice weather here in Utica. There’s snow on the ground but it’s sunny and in the upper 30’s and headed to the upper 40’s later this week. Where we’re staying, there isn’t much around except businesses and a lovely neighborhood that I love to walk in.But it’s a mile away, through a slushy field, so I’m not sure I can get to it without getting soaked and cold. They do have a great gym though! And an indoor pool! So I’m going to plan on working out inside for the next 2 weeks, with forays out to parks for some great runs and walks.

Tonight we’re going out to dinner at an Italian restaurant with friends so I’m really counting those calories today so I won’t go over. I’ll look up the restaurant menu later on this morning, so I can choose something reasonable that won’t get me into trouble.

I’ll feel better when this day is over. The transition time is always a risky time. It’s so important to stay on track even when you feel discombobulated. Isn’t that a great word? Discombobulated. Say it with me. Discombobulated.


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I love healthy living! I've been married for 35 years and have 2 grown children, one in Albuquerque, NM and one in Washington state. We are currently living in Washington for my husband's job---until he FINALLY retires, but our house is in Albuquerque.
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2 Responses to Now Coming to You From Michigan

  1. Christine says:

    Congrats! How exciting for you. I did my first 5K last year, only walking mind you (I’ve done three but only this one was “official” and timed) and I too got a medal! A bronze! Third, out of THREE. And to top it off I was the LAST one in of the 5K race! But, I did it and I am so proud of that generic medal.

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