Weigh-in Friday

Yes, it’s a donkey. No, I don’t know why I’m posting a picture of a donkey. But it’s cute, no?

Oh, weekly weigh-in day, how I hate you. No, really. I hate you. I loooooothe you. You make my life miserable sometimes.

But today? Neener neener, I’m down a pound. So I win! 198 this week. The pound I lost at the beginning of the week hung in there like a trooper and stayed gone. Good for him. I think it was a him.

I have 8 days left before my 5K. My first race since I was 40. I’m a-scared!!! No lie. Next Saturday, I hope I can figure it all out. I hope they got my check from like 5 weeks ago. I hope I’m properly registered. I hope I don’t die on the course. I hope I’m not in last place. I hope I can be more positive than this!

I’m switching things up now. I just entered my week 7 of running so I think my tendons, muscles and other bits are strong enough to take a step forward in the training. I’ve never waited patiently like this for improvement. I usually just slam ahead and end up feeling tortured. Now? I feel strong and wise. Wise I tells ya!

I normally run 3 days a week, lately I’ve been hiking 8 or more miles a day for about 3 days a week and taking one day off to rest. Unless it’s pretty out and I can’t stand it and then I go take a 3 mile walk, but slow and lazy-like.

Yesterday I did my run. Today I’m going to do my 3.25 mile loop again and I’m going to run 3/walk 3 instead of just walking. I’m going to now start alternating one day of running and one day of walk/run with a long 8 mile hike on Saturday. I think I’m ready to move forward. And I think the walk/run on alternate days will be a good way to ease my body into the effort of running every day.

My overall goal is to run 5 days a week, do a long hike one day and rest one day. That’s my overall goal.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about running shoes because I bought me some new ones!


About Fit Living Daily

I love healthy living! I've been married for 35 years and have 2 grown children, one in Albuquerque, NM and one in Washington state. We are currently living in Washington for my husband's job---until he FINALLY retires, but our house is in Albuquerque.
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3 Responses to Weigh-in Friday

  1. sugar says:

    awwwww he is cuuuute!!!
    and yay for the pound!

  2. you are going to ROCK the 5K!!! and you know what? if you came in last you would still feel me BEAMING WITH PRIDE all the way from the Netherlands that you DID IT!! last, first, middle it makes no difference. You start, you run, you do your best, you finish. YOU WIN. You win because you finish!!!!

    Congrats on the pound gone and yay for new kicks! I got new sneakers too, yesterday! (are you wearing them for your 5K? if yes, make sure you’ve run in them a few times already, otherwise use the old kicks for the race)

    Katie, you are amazing. Have confidence, it’s going to be a great accomplishment.


    • Renee,
      Thank you so much, truly! I’m going to rest a few days before the race and then just go out and enjoy it and will focus on a finish and on having fun, nothing else. The “win” is that I’ve lost 85 pounds and can DO the race. I forget that-like ALL the time!

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