Interesting shrinkage

So, I was trying on some clothes this morning and I got a surprise. I had bought a light summer skirt, a cotton strappy summer top and a pair of shorts, all in a size 12, in August, when I was 215. I bought them as “trying on” clothes-you know, so I could check and see how close I was getting to a size 12.

Well, I tried them on this morning and found out the skirt, which was about 2″ from closing in August, now is just about 1/2″ from closing at the top of the zipper-I can zip it up, but not all the way. The little top, which fit me like a sausage casing in August, fits just a little snuggly but it fits. The shorts-not a prayer of fitting yet. I’m NOT a size 12. I’m pretty sure I have at least 10+ pounds to go to get there, but I’m getting there.

When I tried on the skirt in August, I had 2 big belly rolls. This morning, I was like…OK, where are the rolls? They’re still there, trust me, but in this little summer skirt my stomach looks pretty good now.

I’ll have to out myself and say, a day early, that I’ve lost 2 more pounds this week! So, I’m at 206 now, which is just great. The funny thing I’m noticing now is that as I walk a LOT and do yoga, etc, it seems to be actually working on my body. I know. That’s crazy talk. But I do seem to be shrinking, much more so than just losing weight. I believe the more focused exercise is really, really helping.

I love that the more fat I lose, the better I feel and the more I feel like doing exercise. It’s a wonderful circle. I love that I’m building muscle in my back, legs, butt and stomach, just from walking so much. Even if I did nothing else. But the yoga is helping quite a bit to build my strength, and the strength exercises from my trainer are doing their job as well.

Yes, I am working harder than I ever have at this, but I don’t have a goal in mind of continuing to walk hours every day, do yoga every day, etc. I know that I’m only working this hard “for a season”.

It’s worth it to me. I know how good it feels now to be healthier, to be thinner. I also now know, from my experience this past summer, how easy it is to maintain a loss as long as you’ve learned good eating habits and are exercising moderately.

So, my ULTIMATE goals are: to do yoga 5 days a week in the future, about an hour or so a day. My husband and I have always seen ourselves doing yoga as old folks. The walking I do now, I do because I ADORE being outside. I crave it. I feel so sad when I can’t go out. So in the end, while I do see myself walking about 30-40 minutes a day, 7 days a week, in the future, I’ll do so because I love it, not to keep the weight off.

The reason why I never lost weight in the past is because I thought I’d have to workout hours every day in order to maintain the loss. Now I know that’s not true. YES, I am working out a LOT these next 12 weeks, but part of what I’m doing is to build more muscle mass, which burns more fat, which will help me in maintenance.

I’m so, so, so thankful that I took off from the weight loss gig for the past several months because I needed to see for myself that it’s not that hard to maintain. I KNOW it’s true now. I enjoyed maintaining, within a few pounds, all summer long, while I ate out, went to parties, and had a ton of fun. I camped, hiked, swam, did all sorts of crazy things. I never thought about it being “exercise”. For my real exercise, I only made sure and take a walk for about an hour each day. I didn’t do much of anything else, and I was able to do just fine.

All I’m saying is that, right now, yes, I’m really working hard but it won’t always be like this. I’m working to shift my eating habits to an even better place so that in the end, I won’t be fighting urges to have “bad foods” and I won’t have to workout for hours to maintain my loss. It’s all about balance, isn’t it? I’m working very hard these next 3 months to learn the perfect balance for me.

*Calories 1475
*Exercise 8 miles

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I love healthy living! I've been married for 35 years and have 2 grown children, one in Albuquerque, NM and one in Washington state. We are currently living in Washington for my husband's job---until he FINALLY retires, but our house is in Albuquerque.
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