Coyotes x 5

Yeah, I’m still gone. Off having fun. So this is a “magical” post, coming to you from the past, via the auto post thingy.

You have to look really hard at the picture to see the one or two coyotes in the upper left-hand corner. Do you? I was out walking on Wednesday and I saw a movement off to my right so I stopped. About 40 yards away, there were FIVE coyotes looking at me! It was so awesome. Truly!!!

I love coyotes. I love listening to them sing at night and sometimes something sets them off and they howl together in the daytime. And when it snows? Wow, do they go at it then. I think they honestly enjoy the snow.

I’ve only ever seen one coyote at a time when I’m out walking. They’re like mid-size dogs, not huge and scary at all. So this was a big thing for me. I know, my life is so exciting, right?

Three of the coyotes left right away, another just glanced at me and ignored me, the last one looked at me for a minute or so, in an interested way. Not a hungry way, if you know what I mean. And I know that you do.


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