All together now!

We took this picture about 4 weeks ago at the back end of “Box Canyon” on Ghost Ranch. Jeff’s been taking me hiking a lot this past summer but this was something new. He said it’s “pretty easy” (This from the man who said that overall, Les Miserables is a pretty positive play). In all fairness, it was pretty easy. But there were places where I had to climb and shimmy over rocks, and by rocks, I mean boulders the size of cars. We kept getting to certain places and I’d say, “No WAY am I climbing over that. NO. WAY.” And he’d say, “You don’t have to. But why don’t you just try this one little section?”

And so, I would and you know what? It really wasn’t all that hard. The very last section was ridiculously boulder-y and blocked but I’d gone so far at that point that my stubborn will took over and I just did it. The back of the canyon was so lovely, and of course, no other fools were back there with us, so we had it all to ourselves.

This Thursday, we’re going back to Ghost Ranch and Jeff’s going to take me up to the top of “Kitchen Mesa” which is about a 3 hour hike up and 2 or so back. He knows how slow I am so it’s going to take all of the time plus more. He pointed out this horrible mess of loose rock, WAY THE HECK up there and said, “See that? That’s the “hard” part.” I thought he was joking, but now, apparently we’re going to climb hand over hand, rock over rock there.

Jeff loves fearsome things. Me? Not so much. A bike ride feels fast to me. So, I’m nervous about it, but it’ll be the longest, hardest thing I’ve done, so of course, like a knuckle-head, I have to try. You know those people who do things BECAUSE they’re hard? Yeah, that’s not me at all. Tell me it’s “fun” and I’ll do it. But hard? Who cares. YOU go do it then! I’ll sit here and take pictures.

Kitchen Mesa, one of my favorite places (to LOOK at) at Ghost Ranch:

Anyway, that’s not what I came here to talk about. (But watch for the pictures that will follow if I manage this particular feat.)

Abby from Abbynormally, has a great post today on recommitting to good health, excellent eating and exercise up through Thanksgiving. A challenge, if you will. Since it’s perfect timing for me, as I’ve recommitted myself this past week, I’m jumping on board for the rest of the month. I’ll talk about my good and my bad experiences for the rest of the month.

And just so I can drive the point home: Here’s a place in Box Canyon where we had to climb up a rope to get over a rock. If you’re one of those amazing people who jump out of planes and ski and white water raft (all of the reckless things my husband likes to do) then I bow to you. But this rope on a rock? That’s MY hard thing. But hey, I did it!

*Calories: 1311
*Exercise: 20 min yoga/wii fit


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