Soup for lunch!

I know, this isn’t a picture of a bowl of soup. Do you feel cheated? My camera is all the way downstairs. You can see the bind that I’m in.

Things are going GREAT! Right now, I’m sitting here writing, with the most embarrassingly huge bowl of veggie/chicken/noodle soup on my desk. I can’t even show you a picture because I would be humiliated 🙂
1 full can of tomatoes, 1 full can of mixed veggies, 1 oz of chicken, 1/3 c. (uncooked) macaroni. THIS is a wintery lunch to die for.

It’s very cold today. Cold and blowy. Some people call that “windy”. Blowy is more fitting, don’t you think? Anyway, it’s so sunny out, but about 40 and the wind is cuttingly cold. I only walked for about 45 minutes today, but will try going out later. It IS quite early still. I’ve been up since 3:30 writing, so the day is all out of whack for me. I wondered why it was still so cold outside when I was walking. It was only 8 a.m. Oh! That’s why. Dork.

I discovered an easy way to do breakfast yesterday. I cracked a whole dozen eggs, threw the yolks out, then cooked the whole bunch with onions, garlic, green chilies (of course!) and salsa, then put it in the fridge in a container. I’m having 1/3 of it (4 egg whites) each morning, with a piece of good, dry wheat toast. I don’t like anything on my bread anymore. The eggs have a LOT of veggies in them and they’re so tasty and filling. I read this week, that you should have some protein in the morning, because it’s when your body is most productive at up-taking the protein and turning it into muscle. Muscle burns fat. We love muscle!

I’m not a fan of those protein diets, all protein. I believe the body NEEDS carbs and lots of it. It’s what the body is designed to burn, to run on. If you don’t believe me, pick up a science book. Don’t pick up a high-protein diet book. They’ll explain it “just so” and you’ll believe it’s a diet that will keep you healthy. It won’t. You can lose some weight, yes, but almost no one can keep it up. It makes you feel like crap after awhile. It’s un-natural. Don’t be afraid of carbs. Try to get most of your carbs in fruits and veggies, then choose wheat breads and wheat pastas. It’s really not all that hard. At all.

Ok, I’m back to work now. Hope your days are all peachy keen! Ummm…peaches.

*Calories: 1473 (great!)
*Exercise: walked 45 minutes, WII sports/resort with kids for 20 minutes


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I love healthy living! I've been married for 35 years and have 2 grown children, one in Albuquerque, NM and one in Washington state. We are currently living in Washington for my husband's job---until he FINALLY retires, but our house is in Albuquerque.
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One Response to Soup for lunch!

  1. Jennifer says:

    Your breakfast sounds a lot like one I’ve been enjoying lately. I have been taking egg substitute and mixing it with salsa for added zing. A yummy salsa I found that I like (well, I like most salsas, but this one in particular because I’m also trying to limit sodium) is one called Peach Pineapple Chipotle and it is the Great Value (Wal-Mart) brand. It only has 105 mg sodium and 15 calories per 2 tbsp serving. Only one tbsp is necessary for flavoring, in my opinion, so it’s really a good choice for me.

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