Scale, I missed ye!

This picture cracks me up because I look so “tiny”. To me anyway-compared to my old pictures. Ha! Anyway, I HATED not having my scale for 3 weeks. HATED it. My husband liked it. Apparently, he likes seeing me all “relaxed.” Whatever.

My lowest weight was 203, which I held for like a day or two. Then, shot right up to 207, 4 pounds in one day. That was in August, I think. So, I think it’s pretty clear that I had lost water weight to get down to 203. No matter. I STILL am claiming it. Nevertheless, I’ve bounced between 207-211 for about 3 months now, which I’ve been ok with. Coming home yesterday, after 3 weeks, I weighed in (yes!) and found I was at 211, which is my TOP of my allowable range, my “freak-out” weight.

So, the “go without the scale” experiment did not work to help me lose. Hey, I tried it. I didn’t like the worry that wiggled into my heart every morning. Was I on track? Was I back up to 283? Yes, seriously, I worried about stuff like that. Overall, yes, it was a very good thing. I balanced things quite nicely: a dinner out, with 2 days of eating lightly and carefully. I actually feel good about the month, overall.

Fall is a hard time for me. November in Michigan was hard for me. It stirred my MS up so I wasn’t able to walk like I normally do. I spent a lot of time resting. It was a HARD month. Today, back home in the sun of Albuquerque? Right out for a 90 minute walk in the desert and I feel like a million bucks. Boy do I NEED the sun.

So, I get to be home for 60 days straight. A rarity in my world! I started my weight loss journey last December on the 28th. There’s something about the wintertime and my being home (away from parties and dinners out and camping with friends!)that makes me want to really dig in and WORK.

My goal by the time I hit the road again with my husband in January, is to get to 196. I wonder if I can? I’m really going to work it!!! I’ve spent the past 6 weeks firming up my habits again, revisiting those things that I had loosened up on. I never, EVER abandoned my healthy eating/exercise, but the past 3 months, I’ve definitely enjoyed life. I think that’s SO alright. I think I needed that time to see that yes, I can live a normal life and maintain. Basically, I’ve stayed at the same weight, give or take 5 pounds, for months of travel. I think that rocks!

I’m home now. I can walk every single day. With the sunshine ever present, I’ll feel good. I can focus on myself for a bit and really work my diet. I’m starting to see now, why some people might take YEARS to get to their ultimate goal. I really have only about 35 pounds or so to go. If I can do 15 this year and 15 next year? I would be screamingly happy! I would SO much rather take 2 or 3 years to adjust to habits, and learn to live a healthy lifestyle than I would to drop the weight in a New York minute, only to pick it right back up again as soon as I went back to “normal” living.

So, I’m excited. I hope to lose about 2 pounds a week over the next 8 weeks. I’ll be updating frequently. I’m solidly back into noting all of my exercise and food on The Biggest Loser Clue (For $10 a month? How can you beat that?)

I’m a huge believer in taking the time you NEED to get going again. As long as you don’t slip and start putting on gobs of weight? Take your time! See if you can find the balance between “too much” and “enough”. If you need time to get back into the right mindset and habits to make another push at losing another 10-30 pounds, then start slowing and begin to put those habits into place. You seriously can’t fail if you take your time and ease into it. I’m starting to think that if I have to do this every single year, 2x a year? Spending 8 weeks at a time of really concentrated effort in order to be healthy and slim? Totally can do that!!

*Calories today: 2194 (Ok, so that’s a bit more than I need! Goal is 1400 to 1800)
*Exercise: 90 minute walk


About Fit Living Daily

I love healthy living! I've been married for 35 years and have 2 grown children, one in Albuquerque, NM and one in Washington state. We are currently living in Washington for my husband's job---until he FINALLY retires, but our house is in Albuquerque.
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