Biggest Loser Final Four

The Biggest Loser last night was pretty upsetting. It broke my heart to see Daris eating at night and I know he must have done a lot of extra eating to gain 2 pounds in 30 days while training for a marathon. This does not bode well for his success. He’s my favorite and I want to see his life turn around. I do so hope he can get some help.

The second thing is that the past contestants who joined the final 4 on the marathon. They had (all but Ali) all obviously gained weight, and not a little bit. Everyone knows that TBL contestants almost always gain back a portion, but not all of their weight. I do think it’s great that they’re still hanging in there, but I wish so much, that there was a change of heart accompanying their past weight loss. There is a reason why some of them do keep it off and it has to be a mind set and attitude. And that attitude and mind set must be hard to come by.

Overall, the show really shook me up. I can see how easy it is to fail, to go back to the past, and I don’t want that, with every fiber of my being I don’t want it. The main reason I started this blog was that I knew that it was going to be challenging to maintain and I figured that having a blog available, at the end of my loss, would help. I know, I put the horse before the cart, but it’s helped me very much to have a vision of my blogging about maintaining. My goal is 100 months of maintaining. Even if I only blog once a month when I reach goal, my goal is 100 months of maintaining. I feel it’s important to have this goal out there so that my mind will GET that this is an ongoing situation.

In other news. I have for sure decided that I’m going to be at goal when I reach 175, which means that I have 43 pounds to go. Which is amazing, and wonderful. I had ideas of maybe going to 168 or lower, but no. I’m quite tall and I’ve been at 175, a size 12, extremely happy, looking good, and that feels good to me. That feels very good. I see no need to get “skinnier” and “better” than that. I don’t want “wiggle room”, I want to be at a weight that looks and feels good on me and that I can maintain.

In other news, I put on my bathing suit that I had last worn about 3 weeks ago and the bra cups were almost HALF empty! I headed to the store yesterday for another. I only bought the bottoms, I have to go back for the top today. The bottoms are something I’ve dreamed of for a decade! They’re those sort of “boy shorts” bottoms that look very sporty, like super short running shorts. They cover your butt and cover your crotch and I love them. I’m looking for a cute top along the styles of a tank top to go with them. When I get what I want, I’ll take a picture…not ON me…please. The bottoms are black, so they’ll go with any tops I choose, but I want, color, color, color on the top. No plain black for me, ever again.

I need to get to work now, but wanted to update because blogging and journaling is key to my success. If I don’t get out, those things that I’m thinking, that haunt me, I don’t do well. Have a fun day!


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I love healthy living! I've been married for 35 years and have 2 grown children, one in Albuquerque, NM and one in Washington state. We are currently living in Washington for my husband's job---until he FINALLY retires, but our house is in Albuquerque.
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One Response to Biggest Loser Final Four

  1. Jennifer says:

    I was just commenting on another blog yesterday that I admittedly have never watched The Biggest Loser, so take my feedback with a grain of salt…

    Like all reality shows, I feel that the participants are shell-shocked and engrossed by the limelight. I think they feel empowered by the media and all of the personal attention that they are running on adrenaline and are incredulously bound to fail when the hype is over. Who could maintain the fierce workout schedule even if they could afford personal trainers the likes of those that the show provides?

    Don’t get me wrong. Some “big losers” I’m sure have done well and maintained their losses or continued to lose after the show. The personal satisfaction from having achieved so much is surely enough inspiration to keep going!

    But, I think they are few and far between. I think the way you and I are doing it is much better. Hopefully neither of us rebound! (I don’t think we will, for what it’s worth!)

    By the way, I think 175 on you would be fantastic, and I think that is a good end goal for you to have.

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