Saturday Reflection-a day early

We’re heading home for a few days and I’m so excited! Can’t wait to go, can’t wait to get home! We’re hitting the road in just a few hours so my post will be brief today. I get to sleep in my OWN bed tonight. Oh the joy, oh the rapture. Happy sigh. Because I’ll be so busy tomorrow morning, hiking out in the desert and loving up on my kids and basically kissing the floors in my house, I’m going to do my Saturday Reflection post and weigh-in today.

I lost 2 pounds this week for a total of 57 pounds gone! I love it when I get to change the subtitle up in my blog heading.

Starting weight: 283 and a tight size 22
Now: 226 and a very loose 18. My 16 pants fit pretty nicely but I’m going to wait another 3 pounds to wear them so they fit just great with very little “muffin top”

Starting BMI: 43%
BMI now: 34.4%

I’ve moved from “Morbidly obese” through “Severely Obese” and on to just plain old Obese. I have to get to under 30% before I’m in the “overweight” category. It’s so inspiring to me to know that I’ll be under 30% sometime this summer.

Total % of Body Weight Loss: 20.1%

This week I discovered something really fun: raw vegetables are GREAT! I know, I know, I should have been eating raw vegetables all along, right? Well, actually I have been, but because I “had to”, not because I love them. Somewhere along the line in the past few weeks, I’ve come to love, love, love eating raw vegetables for no reason other that, I just do.

My favorites are organic carrots, a head of broccoli and sugar snap peas. I love to drop into a store for a snack and head right to the produce department. If we’re out on the road for lunch, I’ll buy a pear, some carrots, some peas and maybe a cucumber and just have me a good old time. I’m so happy that I haven’t relied on packaged products during my weight loss because when my choices were pretty much this whole food or that whole food, it opened my mind to really discover how great raw vegetables could be. If I were eating Pop Chips or some other kind of processed snack, I’m not sure I would have found my way to loving veggies like I do.

We’ve packed the truck for our 10-12 hour drive with: apples, tangerines, strawberries, carrots, celery, nuts and Ezekial Bread with organic peanut butter and my homemade dandelion jelly. We should be good to go.

I LOVE how I can eat anything anytime I want. I love how I’m not starving all the time, waiting for my next meal. Sometimes I have to laugh at me when I get hungry and go in for a bowl of strawberries and a carrot snack and then a couple of hours later I think, hmm, I want a pear, and maybe some broccoli…I feel like I eat all the time. I’m just really surprised how satisfied and happy my stomach feels with eating mostly whole foods.

I’ve been wanting to be at the 225 pound mark for so many years, and am only 1 pound away. I seriously can’t wait. I can’t exactly remember why 225 has this “ring” for me. I’m thinking it must be related to when I was able to wear a size 16 in the past, that’s all I can figure out about it. But, whatever the reason, it’s one of those goals that have been calling to me for a long time and my smile couldn’t be bigger as I write this, knowing that I’m almost there!

My next BIG goal is to get to 219 because….it’s under 220. That’s my rational. I don’t think my rationals make much sense, but there you have it.

I hope everyone gets through their Friday happily and that you wring all the joy out of the weekend that you possibly can, I know I will!


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I love healthy living! I've been married for 35 years and have 2 grown children, one in Albuquerque, NM and one in Washington state. We are currently living in Washington for my husband's job---until he FINALLY retires, but our house is in Albuquerque.
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2 Responses to Saturday Reflection-a day early

  1. What a great post! Congratulations on your success and your attitude!

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