Eating Dirt for Dinner

I think the weather in Southern California is finally going to settle down. The birds are singing this morning for the first time in days, that’s a good sign! Yesterday when we went out for a long walk in what felt like gale force winds, under a gray and cloudy sky, it was 59 degrees but was chilly with the wind blowing. Today, we’re finally going to take a walk through the neighborhoods so we can find Manhattan Beach. I can’t believe it’s taken us this long to get down there.

Two nights ago I made a salad. I make salads all the time and I wash the lettuce all the time, but this time we ended up eating dirt through our whole “salad experience”, and a disgusting experience it was. I kept telling myself, hey, at least you’re getting some B12 with all this dirt, but strangely it didn’t make me feel any better. The funny thing is that I’ve actually never washed salad as well as I washed that lettuce. I don’t know what made me wash it, then cut it up, then wash it again, but obviously it didn’t work.

So, how do you wash red leaf lettuce, or romaine, or whatever? How do you do it? I don’t have a salad spinner with me and honestly, I don’t want one, so other than using some kind of machinery, which I’m always opposed to, how do I get lettuce clean with my own two hands? Apparently I’m in need of some help on this one. I don’t want a repeat performance.

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2 Responses to Eating Dirt for Dinner

  1. biobabbler says:

    When I worked for a caterer, I (under orders) filled the sink with cold water, and set the lettuce heads into it, face down (so dirt could fall out), jiggle them around, let the dirt settle a while (walk away for 5 min or more), take out, and repeat (with fresh sink o water) if necess.

    Dirt is why I don’t buy or plant crinkly leaved spinach. Smooth = holds dirt less. =)

  2. Thanks for that tip biobabbler! You know what I realize when you said that is that I put fresh spinach in that salad, I’m going to try your suggestion tonight!

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