In California

It’s a beautiful day in southern California! We’re in the Manhattan Beach area, I think about 2 miles from Venice Beach, and a half mile from another beach.

I know you can’t see this really well, I took it through the truck window, which has a tint. As many times as Jeff’s worked in California, years ago, we’ve never driven there in the spring so we never got to see this:

Unfortunately, this is the best picture I got because my phone was almost dead. The poppies were just amazing, but more than that, the hills were covered with great, sweeping fields of purple flowers blending into blue, blending into orange. It was breaktaking!

This isn’t my picture, I found it on the web, it shows a little better what our drive looked like:

When we got to town we headed to REI for some hiking gear we needed and then onto our hotel where we’ll be living for awhile:

They serve a full breakfast here, but we stay away from the breakfast because it’s all “heart attack on a plate” and it smells good. Good! We like the hotels with full kitchens so we can just carry on our normal living when we travel. We found out there’s a Trader Joe’s about a mile from where we are and a Whole Foods about a mile and a quarter away. What more could you ask for?

After we checked into the hotel, we parked our truck and then had the brilliant idea of walking down to the airport where Jeff needed to rent a car for his work. “Brilliant idea”. It was my idea so I’m forced to take the blame for it. Jeff mapped out the trip and as far as he could tell it was about 4 miles, which means….it was over 6 miles.

Seriously, it was so much fun. We learned this year how truly wonderful it is to walk places because that’s when you can truly see the city. It works! We had such a great time and saw a lot of pretty things:

We walked and walked and walked:

Every time we’ve flown into LAX, I’ve tried to take a good picture of this sign but have never been able to. Since we were walking, I got a great shot of it! I love that you see this LAX sign in movies and on television all the time, and because we were walking, we were able to see it up close:

AND then it got dicey, and by dicey, I mean stupid and death-defying and again…stupid.

The sidewalk just ended and there were no signs saying “no pedestrians” and we HAD to get to the other side of this tunnel, and there was a little sidewalk in the tunnel and there was nothing else to do but go through the 1/2 mile tunnel to come out by the airport.

On top of the tunnel, huge planes were landing, through the tunnel there were cars whizzing past and we stupidly pressed on, walking as fast as we could, praying the whole way. When we came out, there was NO way we could continue because THERE was the “no pedestrian” signs on the overpass that would bring us up to the airport. We had to wait until there was no traffic at all and then run across 3 lanes to get to an exit that would bring us another block down to safety. It was pretty awful, but again, there were no cars where it was most dangerous-a stop light held them back from the tunnel while we hustled to safety. Totally not a cool thing to do. This is when we learned that no, you CAN’T walk everywhere.

But still, it was fun getting ourselves down there. We felt like pioneers, making our own way. We picked up the car and headed back to the hotel and made a great salad for dinner that was much appreciated after our very long walk.

Last thing: We had such a successful trip down here, eating-wise. We bought oranges, apples, bananas, blueberries, blackberries and munched on them whenever we got hungry. For dinner we had brought some homemade seitan with us and a little catsup and mustard so we bought some sprouted wheat tortillas and a big package of alfalfa sprouts and had the best-wrap-ever for dinner. It was truly a great experience, the first time that we haven’t driven down the road eating chips and cookies and other crap food. Whenever we had the chance, we’d stop and walk briskly for a mile or so, just to keep the blood moving.

On Saturday, we stayed in a hotel in Sacramento but we weren’t in a very great area…right off the freeway and butted up into a little bit of land that was hotels only. We decided that we were going for a long walk even if we had to walk around the hotel 20 times. We started walking and at the end of the road found a park…along the Sacramento River!

We had a lovely. long walk along the river on the opening day of fishing season. The river was lined with excited guys getting their fishing groove on.

The next morning Jeff was showering and repacking the truck. I’m always, always ready a full half hour before him when we go anywhere. Normally I would just lay there in bed and aimlessly flip the hotel tv channel but I decided to go get a good walk in before we got back in the pickup. I headed for the river and walked as fast as I could, getting in a full 2 miles before he called me to see where I was-just as I was walking back into the parking lot. I felt like I’d had a huge win! Very fun. Oh, that made me just now realize that this means I walked a total of over 8 miles yesterday. Now THAT explains why I’m so tired this morning!

Well, hubs is off to work and I have unpacking to do, research to get to and a series of watercolor paintings to start, so I’m off to work as well. Have a great Monday!


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I love healthy living! I've been married for 35 years and have 2 grown children, one in Albuquerque, NM and one in Washington state. We are currently living in Washington for my husband's job---until he FINALLY retires, but our house is in Albuquerque.
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One Response to In California

  1. morgan says:

    Thank you for this post! Sounds as if you had a blast as it was happening (minus walking through the tunnel from hell), but it was honestly a blast to read. I’ve never seen poppies before (except in the Wizard of Oz…)so I literally stared at your photo for a moment or two.

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