Being a good scout: “Preparation”!

I’m going to mix it up with pictures today, just because.

Speaking of being prepared, it’s not always easy to be out somewhere far from home and stay on the straight and narrow with your nutrition if you:

A. Haven’t prepared
B. Still have that mindset in the BACK of your mind, that you’ll “pick something up” if you need to.

The problem with both A. and B. is that they’re both dumb. They both smack of irresponsibility. Is that harsh, yes, it’s harsh but then so is carrying around an extra 100 pounds and feeling miserable and out of control all day long.

Preparation ahead of time does a couple of things, it recognizes plain old science because hey, your body needs fuel and no amount of “head talk” is going to get your body to gear back and say “Oh no, I’m not ACTUALLY hungry, I’ll just wait another 2 hours until you finally get back home,” it also helps you learn to trust yourself because you’re behaving in a trustworthy manner, loving and taking care of yourself; you aren’t leaving yourself out there blowing in the wind with the loose idea that ‘somehow” it will all work out, because surprise, “somehow” it won’t. At some point, you’re going to be so stressed and hungry that you’ll inevitably feel like the best thing to do would be to pull through a drive in and get something “small” that you can eat in the car, because hey, you don’t want to be late and you HAVE to eat.

And there it is, you’ve carefully once again crafted the perfect excuse for getting what you wanted in the first place.

Break: See this tree? Beavers did that! Isn’t that so cool?

Ok, back to the harping:

It’s important to sit down and have a talk with yourself and decide what’s ok and what’s not ok and then build that foundation. It IS a foundation, that’s the exciting thing. Your decisions about how you’re going to build your body from the base of foundation and exercise is exciting! It’s not a drudge, it’s not another “have to”, it’s an exciting challenge and you get to make the rules. It’s incredibly empowering to find that your rules may buck all of what society thinks is perfectly normal! When you have this foundation in place, it makes you unstoppable. Unstoppable.

Make a list of things you’re going to do when you’re out on the road, on a long trip or a short excursion, what will you do? What are your go-to foods?

I went to the store and bought a lot of foods from the bulk bin and made up some snack bags that I keep in each car, in my purse and in my husband’s desk at work, they include:

Dried apples
Dried pineapple
Roasted Soy nuts
Dried Mango

Each bag only holds about 1/4 cup but that’s enough to get you through in a pinch as dried fruits and nuts should be kept at a minimum in your diet. These bags have saved me many times when I’ve been out far away from home without food. Once when three of us went on a two hour hike that turned into a 5 hour hike, the couple of baggies of this mix that I’d brought along saved us all! Lesson learned there!!

What one fruit will you carry with you in your purse or car? I keep an orange with me because they don’t get beat up too easily. When it’s been a few days I switch it out with a fresh one and eat the old one.

Where will you go if you need to eat a meal on the road? A fast food drive through window is NOT always fast. It takes less than 5 minutes to go into any grocery store and pick up a few items. What sorts of things will you have on your mental list that will enable you to KNOW what you’ll have if you’re pressed up against the wall without a meal. Build a list and don’t let your mind play on the “possibilities” of what you COULD have because hey, it’s a special situation and it’s not YOUR FAULT that you’re out on the road because of xyz. Yeah, they’re all “special” situations.

For me it’s a little harder because I eat only vegan foods, but still, I know that I can go into any store and get an apple or a little box of strawberries and a soy yogurt-a banana is my favorite, so in my mind that’s what always pops up. The point is, have a short list, maybe 5 things of what you know would work for you, 5 healthy things that will fill you up but aren’t full of fat and unhealthy junk. The same goes for it you’re going out to a late dinner with friends and you KNOW you might use it as an excuse to go slightly insane. Eat a piece of fruit and some nuts before you go so you’ll just be moderately hungry and will be able to make good choices. Who can pass up the bread basket when you’re flat-out HUNGRY? Taking the edge off your hunger before you get into that situation works!

When you’re prepared, you’re in control. So often, many of us have gained a lot of weight due to emotional stresses and the feeling of not being in control of anything in our lives. When you’re in control, you’re in charge and that’s a heady, exciting place to be. Try it this month, I know you’ll be pleased!


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I love healthy living! I've been married for 35 years and have 2 grown children, one in Albuquerque, NM and one in Washington state. We are currently living in Washington for my husband's job---until he FINALLY retires, but our house is in Albuquerque.
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