Lots-o-stuff plus Hummus and Tortilla Chips Recipes

Interesting day yesterday. I went out for a run in the one hour that it didn’t rain (got lucky) and decided to do exactly 5k. I ran/walked it and finished in about 46 minutes (My Nike+ disagrees with my iphone RunKeeper which WON’T stay on if you get a call or take a picture, so lame.) Anyway, I decided that it’s not really serving me well to walk for 6-8 miles at a time when I have other forms of exercise I feel are important to get into my week. To that end, I did the 46 minutes of running in the early morning, came home and worked in my studio for several hours and then took a 12 minute break to do…du du duhhhh…12 minutes of ab work a la “Tracey Malletts Lose the Belly Flab” Dvd. Hello death, is that you knocking at my door?

It was hard, but darn it, I loved it! It’s my understanding that you can work your core every day, so I’m going to give my flabby core 12 minutes a day as many days as I can for the next several weeks and see what happens.

When my husband got home from work we rolled out yoga mats and did a brief 20 minute yoga DVD and it was wonderful! Restful and peaceful and…nice. I adore yoga. I used to be really into it and I want to do more of it now. Its something my husband and I have always seen ourselves doing in our old age. I mean in our even OLDER age.

Overall I actually accomplished more today with this variety of working out than I believe I’ve been accomplishing by walking for up to 2 hours a day. Walking is good, it’s awesome, but I want to get strong too, and not just in my legs! Weight training Monday/Wednesday and Friday. Never, ever, ever did I think I’d use the “w” word, let alone allow it into my schedule but I actually like it too. It’s funny what you find you can enjoy when you open up to new things, isn’t it? I’m only lifting 10 pounds for about 15 minutes total at this point, so it’s not overwhelming by any stretch of the imagination. By the way, I was reading in “The Biggest Loser” book last night that you should do weight training first and then do your cardio because the weights will burn up your cardio reserves so that when you do your cardio your body burns more fat for fuel. Those are tips that I can use!

Baked Tortilla Chips

My husband LOVES the tortilla chips I’ve been baking. He prefers them over his normal store bought ones now, and where he used to consume a whole container of salsa in one sitting, he likes my homemade chips all alone even! So easy to make too.

Warm the oven to 380 first. Using 6″ corn tortillas, stack up a 1/2″ or so of them and cut into 6 wedges. Lay these out on a cookie sheet (I don’t even spray the pan) and spray them lightly with an olive oil type spray then sprinkle with Season Salt and Garlic powder and bake them for about 10 minutes. You really have to watch them and pull them out when they’re done to your liking. 12 minutes and they get REALLY dark (i.e. maybe burnt) but I love them that way. 10 minutes and they’re done though a few might be a tad bit not as crispy as you’d like. I just leave them out in a big bowl for several hours and those few always crisp up just fine. I don’t even turn these chips over in the oven. Easy.

Hummus Recipe

This is really exciting because Hummus is so expensive. When I sadly emptied out the hummus container today I decided to make my own. I used 1 can of white cannolli beans but you can use ANY bean, I promise. I added NO oil to mine. To 1 can of beans I added 1/2 t. salt or less (mine was a bit salty), 1 t. garlic powder, 1/2 t. onion powder, 1 t. cumin and 3 small, tiny hot chillis. I blended the hummus in the food processor for maybe 30 seconds and that’s it. So. Incredibly. Good. You can play around and use any spices and see what you can come up with. I paid maybe $1.25 for my can of beans and it filled my hummus container to the tippy top…that translates to a huge savings. Often you can find beans on sale for under a dollar a can. If you have 3 minutes, give it a try! You can use hummus to dip pita bread in or pita chips, vegetables, whatever.


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  1. Yes to homemade hummus! It is so expensive to buy, and I like making my own because it is tasty and healthy!

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