Monday morning

Yesterday we finally got to go back to see our friends at our Seattle church. It’s been 3 months since we’ve been back in town and it was a lovely day. I got to go to the wedding shower of my sweet friend Sara who’s marrying one of my dearest friends, Ryan, in 3 weeks.

See how mischievous she looks here? It’s because she is mischievous. What fun…to be just starting out in life together. But then, I had to remind myself, coming home with Jeff…what fun to be together after almost 3 decades together. Life is just-fun.

After the shower, we parked the pickup right by our old apartment at Green Lake and walked down to the lake, pausing as we heard the windows blow out of our old dry cleaner’s store (now a side building for a middle school).

In typical “me” fashion, I watched the whole thing burning before remembering to take a picture, while we and lots of other Seattlites waited for the fire truck. They had it out post haste, but sad…no?

The lake and park was so beautiful today, as it always is.

There are fewer places nicer than Seattle, and Green Lake is one of my all time favorite places. If only it didn’t rain so bloody much, we might have wanted to stay there forever.

On to Monday stuff. I haven’t been running because of the rain, so I want to get back to that this week as it’s supposed to be sunny…at least today. March is typically one of the rainiest months here, often raining for 30+ days in a row. I’ll continue going to the gym every afternoon with Jeff, for an hour, no matter what. But, if the weather permits, I’ll also go out for 4 miles down in the Orting Valley.

We got online yesterday and found out we need to apply for a camping permit for our huge Grand Canyon adventure in September, so we’ll do that at midnight on the last day of April and just hope, hope, that we can get the permit. They aren’t so easy to come by, it seems. We’ll do what we can. As I’ve mentioned before, Jeff is going to hike across the whole canyon in May, about 26 miles or something like that, and while he’s hiking across, I’m going to hike 2 hours down myself, then back up which will take around 3 more hours, then I’ll hop in the car and drive the 3-4 hours around to the other rim to pick him up. It should take him 10-12 hours. Wow! Doesn’t that sound fun, and scary? And of course, in September, if we can get that permit, we’re going to hike across the whole canyon but will be doing it in a 3 day period, camping along the way at the allowable sites.

This is why I need to kick my workouts up a notch, because hill climbing is uber harder than running. UBER! Today, instead of going to the gym, we’ve decided (just now) that we’re heading to Enumclaw to climb Mount Peak. It has an elevation gain of 1000 feet so it shouldn’t be as hard as Mount Si. My sister does this hike frequently and she says it’s HARD, so I’ll just do my best. It’s just 25 minutes from where we are so, easy access!


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9 Responses to Monday morning

  1. Looks like a nice weekend, minus the fire, that’s scary! The camping trip sounds fun! I wish my husband enjoyed camping! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. abbynormally says:

    That bench picture by the lake is gorgeous! I want to live there. Yes, on that bench, by that tree!

  3. Yum Yucky says:

    Aww! The bride-to-be AND the park are beautiful. that fire? not so much. ugh.

  4. amy says:

    Wow, that’s an amazing picture of yesterday’s fire. Yikes!

    Would you mind if we posted it on We would add it to this post:

    Thank you!

    If you are willing to share it, please let me know how you would like us to attribute the picture (your first name, first and last name, or no name), and if you would like us to link back here.

    Thank you again!

    Amy Duncan
    My Green Lake

  5. I want to come to Seattle, officially.Maybe this summer! I am going to SoCal for the first time next week but I need need to see San Fran, Seattle, and Portland.

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