Saturday Reflection

This is a picture of Las Cruces, New Mexico and the Dona Ann mountains, where hubs and I will retire in just 4 short years…count them, 4 years. I can’t wait. Let the travel end!

This week has been a little different. I’ve been used to good weather and to being able to get outside every day. It’s been raining all week, with cold blowy winds where I am in Washington so instead of getting out there and running/walking, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the gym which has been good for a couple of reasons.

First, the gym has always scared me; I don’t like the unknown, never have, and that pretty much has to apply to gyms too. I stuck my toe in a dab at a time, learning a couple of weight machines and then the elliptical and bike and then the strange stair-steppy machines that look like you’re in a vat of cream, churning butter. Because the weather’s sucked, there’ve been a lot of extra people in the gym so I was forced to try some new machines which wasn’t nearly as horrible and fearsome as I thought it would be. At all. I left the gym on Thursday just as proud as could be because I learned 2 new machines.

Yesterday, my husband wasn’t planning to go to the gym with me after work so I went on my own in the morning. For most of the hour I was the only one on the cardio machines so I was able to poke around and figure some things out-a good reason to get your butt out of bed and go to the gym really early a few times if you also have “gym fear”.

Since there were so few people, I was able to try the escalator type machine they had that mimics climbing stairs more exactly. I did just 6 flights before I had to stop because it was so hard! But now I’ve learned to use it and that was the last cardio machine I wanted to learn. BUT…that’s weird, because I can climb a lot of flights of stairs before I get tired, so why was that sucker so hard? Very strange. Now I want to find a tall building and go climb stairs and see what’s going on. I know that my quads are extremely wimpy and you really use your quads in climbing. Hmm.

Anyway, making the transition from vacation to my Mom’s home has been ok. Last night she made chicken wings, tator tots, poppers (you know, those cheese filled things?) and a brownie cheesecake thing. Kill me now. But, she listened to me when I told her that I would make my own dinner and that she didn’t need to worry about me. I had my own meal and was happy and she was too. But seriously? Seriously? Brownies and cheesecake in ONE dish? Oh, that kills. I can’t even think about it. My Mom loves to feed people, it’s her greatest joy. But more than that, she wants me to be healthy and is completely supportive which is just awesome.

My Mom is a piece of work. She speaks her mind about everything, but in a funny way. Everywhere we go, people love her, and I do too. When I got married she weighed 300 pounds which was huge on her little 5’5″ height. She got busy shorter thereafter and lost down to 150 pounds where she has stayed for almost 30 years. I’m very proud of her for that and because of that, I KNOW it’s possible to lose weight later in life and to keep it off.

I’ve been thinking about my Dad a lot lately as I am in his house. I couldn’t find a jacket this morning and as it’s the crack of dawn and I didn’t want to wake anyone up, I pulled on my Dad’s jacket that Mom keeps on the back of a chair where he always hung it.

My Dad died last September from heart disease brought on by his diabetes. He had lost both legs, his vision and his mental clarity before his heart stopped and it was truly horrible. I have one sister with diabetes and Mom also has diabetes. This means that I have a huge chance of getting it as well, only I haven’t. My blood sugar is great, my cholesterol is great and I’m not sure exactly why because I’ve been fat for so long. My saving grace may have been that I’ve stayed away from fast food and highly processed foods for many years.

So, I suppose what I’m saying is that, being at my Mom’s home this week has been challenging in that I have to shift again, get my bearings and then move forward. But I am, I’m moving forward.

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I love healthy living! I've been married for 35 years and have 2 grown children, one in Albuquerque, NM and one in Washington state. We are currently living in Washington for my husband's job---until he FINALLY retires, but our house is in Albuquerque.
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One Response to Saturday Reflection

  1. I’m so impressed with your mom and her long-term maintenance. She should be on tv!

    I know you are looking forward to retirement!

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