How to Change Your Fitness Mindset:

Stop everything and jet over to the lovely Sheryl’s blog, *Bitch Cakes* and read her latest post. This is some seriously good stuff here and Sheryl KNOWS what she’s talking about. This post really backs up what I was trying to say in My Post here, last week. I truly, truly believe that when you’re the kind of person who is always gambling: “How can I stay thin and still eat that hamburger and those cookies”, that it’s NOT going to be a long term loss. It’ll only be a matter of time before you gain it all back. I think that Sheryl’s post is the KEY to long term weight loss. Sorry Billy, you can’t have it all. You must change the way you look at life.

It ticks me off when people say, “I DESERVE this piece of cake”, “I DESERVE this glass of wine, it was a horrible day”. No, you DESERVE good health and happiness but you choose to lie to yourself and think that it’s possible to have it all, and it’s not. It’s not. It’s not. I can say that a hundred times and still, people will bargain and try walking that tight rope and then complain and whine and say, “I tried…but they had pizza at the party and I love pizza, so I had four slices.” Or, “What good is life if you can’t have a treat every once in awhile?” Except that one treat turns rapidly into 10 treats a week and then you find that you can no longer work out the way you used to and then you’re out of shape and you start turning down those exciting physical adventures you’re invited on and then…you sit at home on the couch watching TV instead of getting out there and taking a bite out of life.

Listen, I’ve been there a thousand times. We’re human. I get that. But seriously, you have to make a real mind shift in order to make this work. You can’t “gut it out” to get to goal. You have to be able to look at a piece of cake and shrug and think, no…you are not my friend, I’d rather go hiking in the Grand Canyon, and to me, you look like me sitting on the couch, watching Biggest Loser while eating continuously. I shun you, piece of cake.

If you like Sheryl’s wonderfully written up post on using the “Tools For Living” that Weight Watcher’s provides, consider adding it to your sidebar as I have, so you can go back and re-read that post once a week to remember that your attitude is EVERYTHING in this game.


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