Saturday Reflection

It’s been a great week. My goal since this past Wednesday was to get in 30 more miles of walking before I leave Albuquerque and fly to Seattle to see my husband again. I’m WAY on track for that, so, yay me!

Jeff and I normally travel together for his job with a major airplane building company in Seattle (Two guesses which one it is) but the past two months I’ve been here at the house and he’s been there. Because weather is so beautiful in Seattle this week, and because we’re both missing each other so much, we changed my ticket (again) to a Monday departure day (instead of Wednesday).

This is us at the Grand Canyon this past summer. My sister calls this our “Amish Gangsta” look.

This post isn’t much of a reflection so far, is it? Ok, back to business. This week I’ve become less fearful of exercise. That sounds strange, I know. I LIKE exercise now where before I despised it, but now…I’m starting to want to “feel the burn” and work out harder. I’m glad I started off slow and careful, because now it’s just a natural progression into doing more, working harder. In packing my suitcase, I was digging through a closet looking for my hot roller pins and I found this!

I love Jeff Galloway and I LOVE his method of run/walk. The longest run I ever did was when I SO MUCH wanted to run an ultra trail marathon 10 years ago. I ran 16 miles in the woods one Saturday in the pouring Seattle rain (rain completely filled my pedometer, ruining it for all time) by running 20 minutes, walking 2…pretty much for 4 hours straight. If you’ve looked into any of Galloway’s programs, you know that a lot of people actually show an increased race time because the walking “rests” your body just a tad and you can go a little faster than you normally would. (And I’m NOT going to say it outright, but I am thinking about doing a half marathon. Shh.)

Anyway, finding this book? It’s a sign. I’m pretty sure of it…yep, a sign. I’m going to do Jeff’s running program again. I’ve been bouncing all around, trying to find a program that works, but I know his and I’ve done it and I love it!

This past week I don’t think I ran at all, just walked; one day this week I walked 11 MILES! Wow. Why walking when I really do love the running? Honestly, I’m a tad concerned about the transition to Seattle. I had just really gotten started on my running here and (probably ridiculously, I know) I just kept being concerned about picking it up and going on from where I left off once I get to Seattle…where it’s so rainy all of March. Heavy sigh. I finally just thought, you know what? I’ll stop for this week, and next week, just re-start in the new environment, starting fresh-maybe I won’t have a lot to compare to that way. It somehow makes sense in my head.

I do worry about the transitions between working out in Albuquerque, Seattle and Michigan. In Seattle we have a gym membership, here in NM we have gym equipment all over the house and 10 miles of desert out the back door to get out into, in Michigan a great gym at the hotel and incredible parks. But still, I worry,I’m not worried that I won’t work out, really, I just don’t like new things, never have; I don’t like new places and new situations and it scares me to not know EXACTLY what a workout will look like in each place….let alone for a week in Mexico on vacation with 20 other people who will probably want to eat out ALL the time.

So upon reflection, this week, I’ve been getting mentally prepared to succeed in each place, both in my eating and in my exercise. Eating well is just second nature to me now. I’ve enjoyed every meal I’ve had this week and have SO MUCH enjoyed my meatless and dairy-less days. What I need now is to have some experiences behind me to increase my confidence so that I’ll KNOW what it looks like to work out and eat well in Seattle, Mexico and Michigan. So, for now, I’m going to trust myself, that I know what to do and that I can do it. I’m going to be careful and slow and honestly, if I have to isolate somewhat, I’ll do so that first week so that I’ll know I’m continuing to put myself and my health first.

I’m rambling, I know! Tomorrow is weigh in day and picture progress day! I think I’ll finally look like I’m losing weight now that I’ve lost 30.


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I love healthy living! I've been married for 35 years and have 2 grown children, one in Albuquerque, NM and one in Washington state. We are currently living in Washington for my husband's job---until he FINALLY retires, but our house is in Albuquerque.
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