Weigh in Day: Week 5 ending

I figure if you have to listen to me, I might as well try and give you a pretty picture to look at every once in awhile. The above is my favorite place in the world, so you’ll see pictures of it until you’re sick to death of it. This is Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, where Georgia O’Keeffe lived for almost 50 years. I live about 2 hours away from Ghost Ranch so I go up there frequently to hike, to paint, for retreats. I love Georgia O’Keffee and I love Ghost Ranch. Sigh.

Anyway, I weighed in and got a shock, 5 pounds gone this week! I’m now at 258.5…..I’m in the 250’s! Oh joy! I’m so tall that when I’m in the 225’s I finally go from looking so obese to just “pretty chubby” so I’m excited. Oh, to be a normal looking person again.

I’ve decided that I’m going to post progress pictures about every 4 weeks instead of every 20 pounds because hey, I’m simply NOT that patient. I travel a LOT with my husband on business, so that would fall in nicely with my schedule as well because those travel transitions can be hard, going from state to state for sometimes a month at a time. Taking a picture of myself will help me to stay on track and to be accountable. The last thing I want is to be doing well in New Mexico (where we live) and then when I travel to Seattle in 2 weeks, for a month or so, to be derailed. I think that having a “picture day” coming up will help me to stay on track no matter where I am. In my mind anyway, that works. So, before I leave for Seattle on the 23rd, I’ll take a picture and will also do one in the GREEN shirt so I can see improvements.

Wow, I just realized that I’ve lost almost 10 pounds since I bought those size 20 jeans! I have 2 weeks or so left before I fly out of Albuquerque in those jeans. I can’t wait to see how they fit. Happy day!

I forgot to add my stats so I’m popping back in, days late, to do so:
Starting weight: 283 Weight today: 258.5
Starting BMI: 43% BMI today: 39.3

About Fit Living Daily

I love healthy living! I've been married for 35 years and have 2 grown children, one in Albuquerque, NM and one in Washington state. We are currently living in Washington for my husband's job---until he FINALLY retires, but our house is in Albuquerque.
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One Response to Weigh in Day: Week 5 ending

  1. pinkymcpie says:

    wow! beautiful scenery! it’s magical at Ghost Ranch – haven’t been there since probably 1993 or 94 though. I am adding it to my list of MUST go to’s this summer!

    congratulations on the loss! I love that you have a picture day! I should do that but I’m always so critical of how I look in photos. I wouldn’t be surprised if your 20’s are just a wee bit loose when you go to Seattle!

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