Virtual Model Fun

Week 3
Lost 16 Total BMI lost: 4%
To lose: 115 total
To go: 99 (yay!!! Under 100!!!!!)

It is COLD today. Mostly I’m cold because I (foolishly?) went out walking in the wind and cold and sometimes snow, for two separate walks: 1 for 25 minutes in a freezing cold wind, and my normal 72 or so minute walk because I’m simply too stubborn to not do it. I took a picture of the Sandia’s today so you can imagine how very cold I was. See the snow? Almost top to bottom snow covered! True, it only lasts for a few days, but I tell you, it was cold. The wind has been howling for days now and I’m quite sick of it.

Nevertheless, I went. My daughter and I were going to go hiking today, that’s been the plan all week long. We pulled out our new Cambacks and drove the 20 minutes to the trailhead, which we didn’t even get to because of the snow and ice. My daughter kept saying, “It’s ok, it’s FINE, just keep going!”

No. It wasn’t fine. And by the time I stopped the car to turn around, we were in an impossible situation (Or, let’s just say, one of us was freaking out and it wasn’t her.) The car was stuck in the snow and it took several minutes for me to turn around safely without getting creamed by the other cars sliding down the hill. Stupid, stupid thing to do! Going hiking on a mountain in the snow and cold? We were just too excited to go hiking somewhere special.

So…we drove back to the west side where we live because we thought, hey, let’s go hiking around the volcanoes. Just before we got there a HUGE wind rose up and with it a sleet storm. I’m thinking, this is not good.

Daughter said, “It’ll be ok, this is New Mexico! It’ll blow over before we get there.”

Hmm. No. We got there and then bundled up so tightly, but nothing was going to keep us warm with that cutting wind. She had slightly short workout pants on and the cold wind seized up her calves until she could barely hobble she was in such pain. So, we gave up. 25 minutes of hiking. But it was fun and we did it! Much better than just sitting in front of the TV with a hot cup of tea all day. (Mmm….hot cup of tea.)

But, I couldn’t give it up. So I went on my normal walk and miraculously, the wind died down and the sun came out for most of the hour. And I loved being out there. I felt so alive!

But now, I’m frozen to the bone. Think I need to go take a hot bath.

My goooood new though is that I lost another pound. So, a total of 16 pounds. It’s really only been 3 weeks, tomorrow starts my fourth week so I’m REALLY pleased to see how much I’ve lost in my first 3 weeks, 3.3 pounds per week. Wow!

I have 4 weeks and 4 days before I have to fly on another tiny seat in an airplane and I’m solooking forward to doing it as a smaller me. Plus, my husband’s in Seattle on business and by the time he sees me again we’ll have been apart for about six longggg weeks. It makes me happy to think that I’ll have lost a big chunk of weight by the time he sees me again! We talk many times a day and he’s quite proud of me, mostly because the more I do, the harder I work, the more things WE will be able to do together in the future. That’s just too important.

After that? Less than a week later we leave for Mexico for a vacation with his whole family, so more motivation to push me forward. I don’t care what they think about me, but I do want to really enjoy the trip and I want to feel good, to feel proud of what I’ve done. I want to be comfortable and I want to be fit enough to go out and do things.

Then about 7 weeks later we have a wedding to go to. So, those things help to pull me forward.

I found this awesome site online last night where you can create a virtual model and chose clothes to try on it. My niece sent me this link: “Virtual Model”.

Visualization is so important in goal setting but it’s hard for me to imagine where I’m going and what my body might look like. That’s why, for us imagination challenged people, this is such a cool tool. You can even enter in the weight you USED to be so that when you feel like you’ve hardly made it anywhere in your weight loss journey you will have visual proof that yes, your body DOES look better now.

I played around with the model last night so I could show an example of what you can do. I don’t love the clothes, I just picked something. This is “me” at my current weight of 267:

Same outfit, me at 227:

And at my goal weight of 168:

To me, that is REALLY helpful. One thing that it helped me was to see that even at 228 I look pretty good. I’m quite tall so that helps. But you know, in my head I still think I’ll be so huge, so sometimes I feel like, why bother? I have so far to go before I’ll even START to look normal. Not true. Now I can see that.

Play around with it. Have some fun. And go work out!


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I love healthy living! I've been married for 35 years and have 2 grown children, one in Albuquerque, NM and one in Washington state. We are currently living in Washington for my husband's job---until he FINALLY retires, but our house is in Albuquerque.
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