Skimble and Biggest Loser Club

Week Three:
Weight: 271
To lose: 103 Lost: 12

What’s working for me is really working: I joined Skimble for free online where I get point for any and all activity I do during the month. My goal there is to come in with 300 or more points for the month so I’m always looking for ways to slip in more exercise, which again, is really weird for me-for the old me, I should say. I really don’t even care about the exercise most of the time, I just want the points! I know, strange.

I also joined the The Biggest Loser Club for $10 per month so I now have “a place” I can go to track my calories, my exercise and my overall body fat or BMI and get the latest on the show and the contestants, plus support from other Club members.

This site tells me when to do cardio, (“You must burn at least 200 calories today.”) and when to do my strength training. I like this site because it doesn’t just encourage you, it sort of EXPECTS you to do the work, “a la” “The Biggest Loser”, duh.

When it’s time to do strength training, since I’m still at the beginner level, the site presents me with 3 or 4 choices of 3 or 4 strength building exercises and weight lifting exercises and warns me to “ONLY” chose “ONE”. They don’t want you to overdo in your zeal to fix all the wrong you’ve done to your body in a month of frenzied fitness and dieting, then have you quit to sit on the couch with a box of donuts watching The Biggest Loser.

They give you a little video demo of each exercise and if you don’t want a particular one, you can choose to swap that one out for another, from a pretty good selection of other video demo’d exercises.

This site keeps track of your calories, fat, sodium, etc, telling you how many calories you have left for the day. I really love it because it’s based on a long history of SUCCESS. People who are on the biggest loser have to work for their improvement and it’s understood that you have to WORK for your success as well. No standing in line at Weight Watchers listening to other people belly ache about how it’s not fair that they gained 3 pounds that week because hey, they only went to three parties and two of them they HAD to go to and of COURSE they had to eat that cake and that Pad Thai and on and on.

I guess I also like it for that reason…unlike some programs, like Weight Watchers, for example, I don’t end up obsessing over everything, adding up points, keeping track. I let them do it all for me. But again, I think the key is that the basis of the show and the program is that they have an EXPECTATION that you WILL follow through, work hard, be honest, and start developing a great life. That helps me immensely. I believe that they believe that I can do this.

Oh, I bought good hiking socks today at the Big Five sports store and a “gator” or “turtle” to wear around my neck when it’s chilly, but my best purchase was on Ebay! My husband bought a 100 oz Camelback at REI this summer for $65. I bought a gently used 100 oz Camelback on Ebay today for $13.28 including shipping! This little gadget makes long walks and hikes so much easier because I really hate having to carry water bottles.

It’s getting late. Both of my grown kids are starting their quarter at UNM in the morning, for one, this will be his first quarter. So it’s a big day. But mostly, it’s a good day because I get the whole house to myself now. Goodbye Christmas break! Hello peace and solitude!


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I love healthy living! I've been married for 35 years and have 2 grown children, one in Albuquerque, NM and one in Washington state. We are currently living in Washington for my husband's job---until he FINALLY retires, but our house is in Albuquerque.
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