Week 3:
Weight: 271
To lose: 103 Lost: 12

Having gone from a dead stop to actually moving and doing physical things the past 3 weeks has been quite interesting, and surprisingly rewarding.

My first week it was wheezing and huffing on a very short walk, now, I walk at least 75 minutes per day in the desert, in the sand, so it’s not super easy. No, it’s not deep sand (usually) but it’s not hard asphalt either, so my legs and feet really have to do the work.

I got a new pair of shoes this week, a GOOD pair of New Balance shoes that I really like. But, as they’re breaking in, they’re rubbing a bit on my heels and I’m not willing to sit on the sidelines until my heels get good and used to them. So, what to do? I immediately thought of the old ultrarunner’s trick that I used to do and used duct tape on my heels!

I know, it sounds strange, but it works miracles. There even used to be a book out for dedicated runners on how to tape hot spots so they don’t become blisters, or if they do become blisters, how to protect them while they heal and still get out there and work out.

I thought to take some pictures before I went out walking today. See, you just lay a double thickness of a bit of paper toweling in the middle of the tape…

Then tape it to your heel. It doesn’t hurt, it creates a sort of “second skin”, it’s dirt cheap and it comes off easily with no pain, no wincing at all.

I never felt the slightest bit uncomfortable when I was out walking today. When I go hiking on Saturday I’m going to use my old trick: wrap a good sized length of duct tape around a short pencil and stick it in your pocket along with a napkin or paper towel. That way, when I’m out hiking, if something comes up I can deal with it so I won’t have to limp home in agony. I hate agony.

This morning, I was thinking about the things that exercising for just THREE weeks has allowed me to experience, or, “The Adventures I Have Enjoyed”, as I like to think of it.

1. I went for the longest walk I’ve had in about 4 years, a 5 mile hike in the desert with my daughter on Saturday. It took us 2 hours and 45 minutes. I haven’t done anything for 2 hours and 45 minutes since 2000. I was freakin’ amazed at myself. It was awesome. Sure, the elastic in my panties rubbed the top of my thighs raw in 2 little places, but I just wasn’t willing to use the duct tape on that. Be my guest if you’d like to try.

2. This morning my son and I climbed one of the volcanoes just to the West of our house, here on the West side of Albuquerque. Here’s a picture from the top which I was so proud to have taken myself.

In September my husband climbed it alone, while I waited. It felt so good to not be waiting at the bottom, to conquer it myself. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a big, huge climb..but it is a good sized hill and I feel great being able to climb it now. Later I’ll go back and climb each of the 3 or 4 volcanoes, one after another, now THAT will be a workout.

3. On Wednesday my son and I are driving to Sandia Peak and hiking along the top of the mountain for an hour or so and…

4. On Saturday, my daughter and I are going to drive the 3 hours to Chaco Canyon and hike there if weather permits. If not, we’ll chose somewhere equally exciting.


5. My husband is going to go hiking in Grand Canyon in May and again in September. Again, I went with him this past September and just waited around while he hiked. I don’t want to ever do that again. So, I’m planning on hiking with him on hikes that will be a couple of hours this spring and late summer. (He’ll be hiking across the whole canyon….I won’t be along for that!)

My point is that I have plans. I’m making plans to DO things. The old tired way of goal setting from the past has absolutely no juice for me: buy a new outfit to wear to xxxx when I lose 30 pounds. Who cares about that? I don’t! But to get to go DO ACTUAL things? To have adventures? I’m totally up for that.

Here’s a shot taken on my walk today. That’s the Sandia Mountains in the distance.


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I love healthy living! I've been married for 35 years and have 2 grown children, one in Albuquerque, NM and one in Washington state. We are currently living in Washington for my husband's job---until he FINALLY retires, but our house is in Albuquerque.
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